Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Detroit
Herding History

On July 1, 1987 the American Shetland Sheepdog Association (ASSA) implemented their Herding Instinct Certificate (HC) program for those Shelties that passed the program requirements.

Some members of the SSCGD felt that the Club should hold the HC testing and brought the idea before the membership. After some discussion and determining the possible costs and those members willing to work the testing, a motion was passed to hold the HC testing and move forward with plans.

With Anita Paull chairing the event, the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Detroit (SSCGD) held its first HC test. Monika Hole was the tester and Edna Terry of Plymouth MI, allowed us to use her farm. It was very hot day, and five out of fourteen Shelties passed their testing.

On October 29, 1988, the SSCGD held the second HC test with Anita Paull and Laura Romanik chairing the event. The test was once again held at the Terry farm and the tester was Monika Hole.  That day saw thirteen of the twenty dogs passing.

The third test was held on June 18, 1989 with Laura Romanik chairing and Monika Hole again as tester. This time however the event was held at the Ann Arbor Dog Training facility.

The ASSA discontinued the HC program shortly after June 13, 1989 when the American Kennel Club (AKC) started a herding program.

In 2002 the SSCGD had its first Herding Champion, OTCH, HC Jusdandy Brite Bernice, UDX, owned by Laura Romanik, then a SSCGD member. Brite was the first sheltie in Michigan to earn this title.

After the discontinuation of the Herding Certificate the SSCGD continued to hold several herding fun days and eventually a committee was formed and chaired by Anita Paul to pursue AKC approval to hold herding trials. Jean Clodwick (now deceased) of Ohio, was instrumental in helping SSCGD with its pursuit. First the club held a Sanctioned A match, on October 9, 2002. Upon the completion of this "qualifying herding test/trial" the club applied to AKC to hold a licensed event. Approval was received and the clubs first AKC herding trial took place on October 9, 2004. The club was also very fortunate to find Hado Bar Farms in Nova, OH to hold the event. This farm has been the home of the club's trials since then. Hado Bar Farms is one of the premier locations in the U.S. to run AKC herding course A, in both their stock and facilities.

Without the efforts of Anita Paull, Kathy Belville, Kathy Brunner, Nancy Heinrich, Terri Korthals, Nancy Potter, Marilyn Runde and Linda Yelle the SSCGD would never have been able to go forward with the herding idea and complete its first successful trial. The club owes much to these ladies for all their work and commitment to herding. Thank You Ladies!!!

The SSCGD has since gone on to hold a successful trial on two days in Octobers every year. The committee has grown and changed as new members come and old members go. The SSCGD membership is committed to continue its support of the herding events.  In the end the membership continues to remind Anita that "it is all her fault."  Thank You Anita!!!