Greater Detroit Sheltie Rescue Adoption Application

Fill out this application and e-mail it to: Pam Moore - SSCGD Rescue Coordinator

* E-mailed applications are processed faster and easier!!

OR Snail-mail to:

SSCGD Adoption Coordinator, PO Box 281, Rives Junction, MI 49277

Please note that we have the right to refuse any applicant.    

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Adoption Application




City / State / Zip

Phones: Home (      )                                                                    Work: (       )

E-mail address:                                                               Do you check e-mail every day?   Y   N

Name of dog you are applying for?                                                     Second choice:                                                          Third choice:    


Hours you are at work?                                                                     May we call you at work? Y / N

Do you have an application pending with any other rescue group ?

Why do you want a Sheltie?

Please tell us about ALL the pets you have had in your adult life;

        Breed:            Sex:          Neutered or Spayed:          What happened to them (specifically):


If your current or previous pets were not spayed or neutered, please explain why?


Do you keep all of your pets up to date on all shots?

  •     On heartworm prevention medication?
  •     Flea prevention medication? 
  •     Licensed in your county?  
  •     Do your pets have yearly vet check-ups?

Which brand of Heartworm prevention and or Flea prevention medication do you (did you) use on your pets?

Who is your current/previous Veterinarian?

Name, address and phone number of your Vet:

Please circle one: My vet may or may not be used as a reference.

Are you a member of, or have any involvement in, or subscribe to the philosophies of HSUS or PETA?

Who lives in your home? (i.e..Mom-Dad-2 kids)

Please list ages of everyone living (even part-time) in your home:

Do you live in a:   (circle one)     House       Apartment     Condo       Other

Do you own or rent?

If renting, does the landlord allow pets?

Do you have a fully fenced (no gaps) yard for the dog to use?           

Does the door that you will use to let the dog outside, open directly in to the fenced area?                                                           

If not, how will the dog be exercised?

Will this dog be home alone during any part of the day?                            During what hours?

Where will this dog stay while you are gone?                     

Please check all that apply in your home:

____ Busy household - visits by friends, in and out a lot, children, parties at home
____ Noisy - TV, stereo, machinery, tools, children playing, dogs barking
____ Moderate - normal comings and goings
____ Quiet - "homebodies" few guests, come home and stay home

____ Lots of children in the neighborhood
____ Live on busy street

Do you intend to keep this dog indoors or outdoors?

Where will the dog sleep?

Do you have the time and or patience to housetrain a dog, if it is not already trained?

Would you be willing to take a "special needs" (blind, deaf, handicapped)   dog?

Would you be willing to work with a "behavior problem" dog?

Would you be willing to take a much older, more needy dog?

Have you ever owned a Sheltie before?

Are you aware of all a Shelties needs? (i.e. grooming, exercise)

Are you aware that Shelties are "barkers"?

Are you aware that Shelties may be somewhat shy around new people, and may take awhile to bond with?

Do you have a color preference?

Do you have a sex preference ?

Do you have an age preference?

Do you have a size preference?

Are you aware of the financial responsibilities of dog ownership…. Including vet care, medications, food, licensing, shots, grooming…etc?       And that total expenses of owning this dog could be $1000.00 per year??

Would this dog be a priority in your life?

Check any of the following circumstances that would force you to give up this dog? (Check all that apply)

____ a new job (working long hours)
____ divorce
____ moving to house or apartment that won't allow pets
____ new baby
____ illness
          ____  bad habits (pottying in the house, destruction, ... etc etc.)
____ if it bit someone
____ other (please explain)____________________________________________
Are you aware of the fees that our rescue organization charges ?
Purebred Shelties: 
Puppies up to 2 years old......$300
Adults 2 to 8 years old.....$250
Adults 8 years old and up....$ Varies by dog

          Sheltie Mix:    $175.00

All of the answers I have given, are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


 Signature of applicant                                                                           Date:                                                             
Please check to be sure all questions are answered.      Incomplete applications are not accepted.