SSCGD Fall Specialty
September 12, 2010

Sweeps: Anita Paull

Puppy 6-9 months dogs
1st    Starphire Wyndmyst The Kremlin, Owners: Nancy Ager and Diane DeBolt
Puppy 9-12 month dogs
1st    Merlyn's Anistar Unscripted, Owner: Marilyn and Earl Cromer

Puppy 12-18 month dogs
1st    Kaskade Annonio's Friendly Ghost, Owners: Darla & Kyle Annonio and Carol DeMoss
2nd   Neahm's Kiss The Blarney Stone, Owners: Walt & Mary Christensen & V. Robinson
3rd    Homespun Casual Blues, Owners: Julie Iverson, DVM
4th    Cermel's Dark Knight Of Brashaw, Owners: Laurie Bogaert & Cyndy Ermel

Puppy 6-9 month bitches
1st    Deja Blue Froste Bi Grandgables, Owners: Judy Quirk
2nd   Armitage Prohecy, Owners: Connie Giacinto & Bryan Borchardt
3rd    Aberdale's Dreaming of You, Owners: Laurie Bogaert & Heather Walton
AB    Belmark Nirvana, Owners: Deborah Hull, Marilyn Cromer & Bella Thompson

Puppy 9-12 month bitches
1st    Kell Lil Black Dress, Owners: J Powers-Hudson & Amy Massey
2nd   Leigh-Hi Life of the Party, Owner: Patricia O'Dell & Kristi Walker

Puppy 12-18 month bitches
1st    Aberdale's Dreamy Image, Owners: Ivan Fabina & Heather Walton
2nd   Kaskade's Resistance is Futile, Owners: Donna Rozeck & Carol DeMoss
3rd    Grandgables' Solstice Curacao, Owners: Bryan Borchardt
4th    Cermel Aberdale Cinnamon Twist, Owners: Cyndy Ermel, Sarah Weir & Ivan Fabina

Best In Sweeps: Kell Lil Black Dress                 Runner Up: Deja Blue Froste Bi Grandgable
9-12 month puppy bitch                                     6-9 month puppy bitch

Handler : Gini Shaw                                            Handler: Therese Walters


judge: Edna "Katie " Gammill

Puppy dog 6-9 month
1st    Starphire Wyndmyst The Kremlin, DN24507802, 12/19/08, Breeder: owners, By: Ch. Starphire Wyndmyst Mikhail
        ex Jesstar Wyndmyst Adrianne, Owners: Nancy Ager & Diane DeBolt

Puppy dog 9-12 month
1st    Merlyn's Anistar Unscripted, CN23365904, 11/8/08, Breeder: Lindsay & Gary Spitznogle, By: Ch. Elora Mastequila
         ex Merlyn Anistar Adoration, Owners: Marilyn and Earl Cromer

Puppy dog 12-18 month
1st    Homespun Casual Blues, DN21590105, 5/24/08, Breeder: owner, By: Dundee Sharrow Santa Cruz ex Homespun
         Allspice Silverlicious NAJ, Owners: Julie Iverson DVM  Agent: Julie Desy
2nd   Neahm's Kiss The Blarney Stone,