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Workshops, Seminars and Task Forces

We have been involved and currently involved in various workshops, seminars and task forces. We have attended them and have hosted them also. The following are some of our involvements:

Macomb County Marina Pollution Prevention Task Force
MSU Institute of Water Research Annual Great Lakes Conference
Macomb MSU Extension Work Groups
State of the Great Lakes Environment Conference 1996 (SOLEC96)
Lake St. Clair Management Plan Advisory Committee
Great Lakes Commission Conferences
Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program
Clinton River Watershed Work Groups
Michigan Sea Grant Performance Assessment Team
Department of Natural Resources/Environmental Quality Seminars
River of Life Study Groups
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Seminars

The Waterfront Environmental Committee and the City of St. Clair Shores has hosted seminars for the community.

Lake St. Clair Symposium - Hosted by the City of St. Clair Shores and the Michigan Sea Grant.
Practical Steps to Protect Lake St. Clair - speakers from MSU Extension and Michigan Sea Grant.
"Mayor's Corner" cable TV featuring non-point source pollution.
"Council Connection" cable TV featuring the Committee's projects.
January 2004 through 2011 - Committee's annual meetings taped for cable TV features selected projects.