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Water Quality Education Program

Water quality is an important issue in our community. It has an impact on our lives, socially, environmentally and economically. The first step in protecting and improving this valuable resource is through education. Due to the importance of this valuable natural resource, the St. Clair Shores Waterfront Environmental Committee and the Macomb MSU Extension is offering a hands-on water quality monitoring program for 6th, 7th or 8th grade students. This program will provide students the opportunity to learn more about Lake St. Clair water resources by collecting samples to complete chemical tests and study aquatic organisms.

The monitoring/study program will require some pre-field activities in the classroom prior to visiting a Lake St. Clair beach site. We will provide the teachers with information and resources to complete this program. The Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) has established a web site for adding test results to those of other monitoring programs throughout the county. Program participants can also obtain other site test results from the web site to review water quality throughout the watershed.

We have obtained some limited funding from Kaul Funeral Home and the Nautical Mile Merchants Association to underwrite some of the cost of the program. These funds will be used to provide equipment needed for the program. The St. Clair Shores Waterfront Advisory Committee and the Macomb MSU Extension hopes that each middle school will take advantage of this opportunity to get the students involved in this very important process.

John F. Kennedy Middle School is participating in this program beginning in the spring of 2001 and it is now an ongoing program for them.

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