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Storm Drain Stenciling Project

With over 8000 storm drains in St. Clair Shores, this project reaches out to all the residents in the community. This is one of the most successful projects of the Waterfront Environmental Committee. This project is an awareness program that informs the residents of the effects of non-point source pollution. Along with stenciling the storm drains with the logo "DO NOT DUMP - DRAINS TO LAKE" with the fish symbol, volunteers also pass out a fish flyer to each home on the block that is stenciled, informing the resident about the project and non-point source pollution. The whole community is involved in this project. School groups, environmental groups, boy scout troops, homeowner associations, committee members and just people who want to stencil the storm drains on their block. If you are interested in getting involved in the Storm Drain Awareness Program, please call (586) 445-5363

Storm Drain Stencil and Flyer

The storm drain stencil along with the "fish flyer" get the message to the residents. The message is not only "no dumping" into the storm drains, but all the other little things that people can do to help reduce non-source point pollution that contaminates Lake St. Clair.

Students Making a Difference!!!

The following St. Clair Shores schools have participated in this project:

South Lake High School Environmental Club
Kennedy Middle School - Sixth Grade Students
North Lake High School Seniors
Lake Shore High School Environmental Club
Lakeview High School Team Green

Students and Scouts Making a Difference!!!

The following Boy Scout and Sea Scout troops have participated in this project to reach the rank of Eagle Scout and Quartermaster:

Harper Woods Troop #273
Sea Scout Ship #308
St. Clair Shores Troop #1490
Warren Troop #1969
Grosse Point Woods Troop #34

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