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Project Recommendations

Some of the recommendations we have made to the City/County Government are:

Creating a wetland at the S.C.S. Country Club to filter and store stormwater.
Result: Golf Course went through the process of certification for the Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program. Certified in 2002. The Macomb Conservation District is working with the golf course to plant 5-6 acres of conservation buffers to protect water quality.

Installing information boards at the public boat launches.
Result: Information boards were installed at 11 Mile Boat Launch and at Veteran's Memorial Park.

Installing a retro-fit at the Chapaton Pump Station to reduce the impact of overflows and fish kills.
Result: South Macomb Sanitation District incorporating similar retrofit making a clorine dillution canal/pond in the rear of the CSO outflow and relocating the boat launch area.

Creating buffer zones to alleviate non-source point pollution from city streets and parking lots.
Result: Buffer zone going in at Veteran's Memorial Park beach area but not in parking lots yet.

Installing overhead fishing lines at the two S.C.S beaches to discourage sea gulls and other birds from landing on the beaches.
Result: Overhead fishing lines were installed at both beaches.

Making rain barrels available to city residents at a discount.
Results: The downspout disconnect program is a very successful program and has made a tremendous reduction on the volume of CSO water being dumped into Lake St. Clair. The benefits of a rain barrel program would not justify the cost, at this time.

Response to microbial source tracking study of Blossom Heath beach.
Results: Mixed.

Creating a wildlife refuge at the area east of the boat launch site at Nine Mile Road behind the outfall of the Chapaton Retention Basin (approx. 3 or 4 acres).
Result: Verbal negative response.

Installing bat houses at locations around the city for the purpose of bat conservation. Locations would include private residences and possibly one city park.
Results: Macomb County Health Department does not recommend this project in St. Clair Shores because bats would introduce another risk to the residents of the community.

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