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Donation of Water Quality Materials to Library and Schools

The Waterfront Environmental Committee on a regular basis donates books, seminar take with materials, publications, videocassettes and CDs to the library and schools. The following list is a sample of the materials that can be found at the St. Clair Shores public library to be used by the entire community.

"Lake Smarts", The First Lake Maintenance Handbook
A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Solving Lake Problems.

2007 Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy, Tenth Anniversary Edition (CD-ROM)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Planning for Green River Corridors, May 2007
Oakland County Planning & Economic Development Services

Between Land and Lake: Michigan's Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands
Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Michigan State University Extension

Clinton River Assessment, Fisheries Division, Special Report 39
State of Michigan, Department of Natural Resources, June 2006

State of the Great Lakes, Annual Report 2004, MDEQ, July 2005

Your Yard, Your Trees "A Homeowner's Guide", Indiana DNR, 2005

Native Vegetation Enhancement Project, Springfield Township, Michigan, Interactive CD-ROM

Community Riparian and Wetland Guidance, Putting all the Pieces Together
Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District

Great Lakes Conservation Task Force 2002 Final Report The Citizens' Agenda
An Action Plan to Protect the Great Lakes (Michigan State Senate Task Force)

State of Michigan's Environment 2001 - First Biennial Report
(Michigan Department of Environmental Quality)

State of the Great Lakes 2001, 2004 - Fourth Biennial Report
(United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy 2005

Areal Distribution and Concentrations of Contaminants of Concern to Surficial Streambed and Lakebed Sediments,
LakeErie-Lake St. Clair Drainages, 1990-97 (U.S. Department of Interior, U.S. Geological Survey)

The Great Lakes - An Environmental Atlas and Resource Book (EPA Publication)

Exploring the Great Lakes CD-ROM (EPA Generated)

State of the Great Lakes, 1999 Annual Report (MDEQ)

Living with the Lakes, Understanding and Adapting to Great Lakes Water Level Changes - 1999
(U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Great Lakes Commission)

Great Lakes Commission 1998 Annual Report

Macomb County Health Department 1998 Surface Water Quality Report

Biological Invasions (Great Lakes Commission)

The Art of Watershed Management, (York Creek Nonpoint Source Watershed Project)

A Source Book on Natural Landscaping for Public Officials
(Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission)

Landscaping with Native Plants (USEPA)

The Tollgate Drainage District Project
A Nontraditional Approach to Urban Storm Water Management (Ingram County)

Targets of Opportunity: Alexandria Virginia Award-Winning Urban Retrofit Program

State of the Great Lakes "1998 Annual Report"

"Headwaters: The Lifeline of a River", sponsored by the Rouge River Watershed Council and
The Southeast Michigan Areawide Water Quality Board (Video Tape)

"Drinking Water: Quality on Tap" with Study Guide, sponsored by
League of Women Voters of Michigan Education Fund (Video Tape)

Information acquired from the "1996 State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference" (SOLEC '96)

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