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Business Environmental Flyer

Getting St. Clair Shores businesses involved with the environmental problems of Lake St. Clair is the goal of this flyer. Creating a flyer that could be distributed to the community thru the businesses of St. Clair Shores. The flyer targets non-source point pollution and what residents could do around the home to reduce this big problem, which is considered to be one of the largest contributor of pollutants to Lake St. Clair.

We used a software package to produce the flyer with the participating business's logo on the back. It is up to the business to make as many copies of the flyer as they want to and distribute them to their customers. The Waterfront Environmental Committee made a composite of all businesses logos on the flyer, made copies and are distributing them thru the library, city hall, senior center, recreation center and the adult education center.

As of 2/14/02 there are 22 St. Clair Shores businesses distributing the flyer and those businesses are:

Advanced Aquatics Diving, Inc.
Big Boy Restaurant and Bakery
Doc's Caffe
Fleetwood Collision
Gifts Afloat
Gilbert's Hardware
Jim's Barber Shop
Jefferson Beach Marina
Lakeside Fishing Shop
Mammoth Video
Michigan Harbor Marina
Michigan Marine Gear
Mike's Marine Supply
Miller Marina, Inc.
Murray Financial Services, Inc.
Nino's Pita
Powerhouse Gym
Shores Auto Body Inc.
Shores Personal Trainer
Soulliere Landscaping and Garden Center
Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe
Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy Center

If your business, or if you know of a business that might be interested in being involved in this project, please call (586) 447-3350.

POLLUTION PREVENTION BEGINS AT HOME.........(Excerpts from flyer)

STORMWATER.......Stormwater pollution comes from all of us. Even if we don't mean to, many of our everyday actions add to stormwater pollution. Stormwater picks up litter, car oil, pet waste, fertilizer, grass clippings, and other materials left on the sidewalks and streets before it enters a catch basin. This polluted runoff washes from the catch basins straight into Lake St. Clair without being treated.

Clean-up after your pet to prevent waste from washing into sewers.
When it's raining try to conserve water usage. This helps prevent a CSO discharge into Lake St. Clair.

LAWN CARE.......Using healthy lawn care practices is one step toward cleaner rivers and lakes - even if you don't have waterfront property. For example, a lot of sediment and algae problems could be relieved if yard clippings were kept out of street catch basins leading into Lake St. Clair. Instead, sweep them back on the lawn so they can decompose. Clippings are mostly water, and break down quickly to return valuable nutrients to the soil.

Sweep grass clippings and fertilizer back onto the lawn.
Use composted lawn clippings and leaves to fertilize your lawn and garden.
Aerate your soil and leave clippings on your lawn.

HOUSEHOLD.......Many household products commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages release poisonous toxins during their application. These poisons may reach Lake St. Clair.

Never pour toxic household chemicals down the drain or on the ground. Take them to hazardous waste collection centers!!! Call the Macomb County Health Department, (586) 469-5236.
Minimize the use of toxic products in your home.

BOAT AND AUTO.......What we do with our boats, personal watercraft, mobile homes, cars, and other vehicles on land greatly influences the health of Lake St. Clair. By adopting environmentally friendly cleaning and fueling habits, we will become one step closer to restoring and protecting Lake St. Clair.

Wash your car on the lawn or go to a car wash.
When fueling avoid topping off! Fuel expands as it warms up in the tank.
Use environmentally friendly cleaning products, and use caution when applying cleanser, anti-fouling compounds, or paints.
Boat owners avoid pumping any bilge water that is oily or has a sheen.

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