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Waterfront Environmental Committee Accomplishments

Committee received the "2012 Conservationist of the Year" award from the Macomb Conservation District (February 1, 2012)

Providing Eagle Scout Projects for local Scout Troops (1999 - Ongoing)

Created Public Service Announcement (PSA) concerning beach closures and shoreline problems (December 2011 - Ongoing)

Started Selling Assembled Rain Barrels at cost (Summer 2013 - Ongoing)

Kayak/Canoe Award Program (1 kayak for each high school thru private grant) (Summer 2013)

Started Storm Drain Decal program (2013 - Ongoing)

2006/2007 Student Scholarship Awards (Awarded Two $500. Awards)

2007/2008 Student Scholarship Awards (Awarded Three $500. Awards)

2008/2009 Student Scholarship Awards (Awarded Three $500. Awards)

2009/2010 Student Scholarship Awards (Awarded Three $500. Awards)

2010/2011 Student Scholarship Awards (Awarded Three $500. Awards)

2011/2012 Student Scholarship Awards (Awarded Three $500. Awards)

2012/2013 Student Scholarship Awards (Awarded Two $500. Awards)

2013/2014 Student Scholarship Awards (Three $500. Awards)

2014/2015 Student Scholarship Awards (Awarded Three $500. Awards)

Used Monofilament Fishing Line Recycling Program (Summer 2009 - On-going)

Student Outreach Power Point Presentation to High Schools and Civic Groups (2007 - Ongoing)

Wrote Water Quality vs. Goose Population Letter to DNR (January 2007 & 2012)

Wrote letter to County Executive recommending that Macomb Water Quality Board be reinstated (Jan 2012)

Built and donated four owl nest boxes to the city (September 2006)

Participation in the Clinton River Watershed Council Adult Adopt-a-Stream Program - Rhorbeck Drain (Spring 2005 - On-going)

"Lake Safe" lawn fertilizer sticker program, 1st city in Macomb County (Spring 2005 - On-going)

Generated a Committee Facebook social network (2009 Ongoing)

Wood Duck Habitat Restoration Project (Set out nest boxes March 1997 - On-going)

Bio-control program using beetles to control the invasive plant species purple loosestrife (2009)

Participation in the "Clean Boats, Clean Water" Program (Summer 2007)

Adopt a Highway - I94 Xway Entrance/Exit Ramps at 9, 10 & 11 Mile Roads (Summer 2004 - Ongoing)

Working with Kennedy Middle School on their U.S. Army Cybermission bat house project (January 2004)

Committee's Limited Bat House Project (April 2004)

Protecting Fish Habitat Brochure (Summer 1998 - On-going)

Business Environmental Flyer (Fall 2001 - On-going)

Storm Drain Stenciling Project (Started Spring 1998 - On-Going)

Helped Boy Scout & Sea Scout Troops reach Rank of Eagle Scout & Quartermaster (1999 - On-going)

Nautical Coast Cleanup (First Cleanup May 1996 - On-going)

Lake St. Clair Celebration (1998 - On-going)

Seminar "Lake St. Clair Symposium" (March 20, 1997)

Creating a Conservation Buffer Area at Veteran's Memorial Park Beach (June 2002)

Participation in the MORE Environmental Fair (April 2006 - 2008)

Participation in the GREEN Fair in the Park (October 2010 - On-going)

Conduct Annual Meetings with Resource Members (January 2001 - On-going)

Create an Annual Report for City and Resource Members (January 1997 - On-going)

"Water Quality Education Tours" (First Tour June 8, 2001 - 2004)

Create Environmental Brochures and Distribute them to Community (1999 - On-going)

Seminar "Practical Steps to Protect Lake St. Clair" (April 21, 1998)

"Mayor's Corner" Cable Program on Lake St. Clair (April 5, 1999)

"Mayor's Corner" Cable Program on purple loosestrife (August 1, 2008)

Collected and released the purple loosestrife beetle (galerucella) at the Martin Rd. Drain (May 2009)

Restoring 5-6 Acres of Conservation Buffers at the S.C.S. Golf Course (Summer 2001 - On-going)

"Water Quality Education Program" for St. Clair Shores Schools (First class spring 2001- 2003)

Writing Letters to Politicians and to City and County Governments (On-going)

Donating Environmental Materials to the S.C.S. Public Library and Schools. (On-going)

Generating a Informational Website for the Community (February 2002 - On-going)

"Council Connection" with Councilman Robert Soullierie features the Committee's projects (April 28, 2004)

Participation in the HABA Business Expo (April 2009 - On-going)

Maintained the Information Board at the Lac Ste. Clair park boat ramp (Summer 2004 - 2010)

Helping S.C.S. Golf Course qualify under the MSU Turf Grass Environmental Program (Summer 2001 - On-going)

Clean Boats, Clean Waters Program (Summer 2007)

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