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The Rascals (aka the Young Rascals) were a soul/rock band active from 1965 to 1971 -
they had lots of big hits and are fondly remembered by many, including yours truly: they're my favorite band!

Felix Cavaliere: organ/piano & vocals
Eddie Brigati: vocals & percussion
Gene Cornish: guitar & vocals
Dino Danelli: drums

See the links page for more Rascals history.

What's Here?

  • A complete discography with chart histories

  • An album-by-album analysis of the performers' contributions to the tracks

  • Lyrics to all the Rascals' recordings

  • A Rascals chronology

  • A guide to variations in Rascals recordings

  • A list of the sources of songs the Rascals covered

  • An incomplete list of other performers' recordings of songs the Rascals introduced

  • Copies of articles written about the Rascals

  • Links to some interesting info about the Rascals

    Why Did You Do This?

    Information about the Rascals is pretty sparse on the internet;
    I wanted to contribute to spreading the word about one of the sixties' best acts!

    I'd Like to Add Information or Make a Correction

    Please write to me; I welcome all information.

    Your host,
    Steve Knowlton

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