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Swedish Kings of Poland
Written and Researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

This chart shows the Swedish Kings of Poland. This came about through the union of King John III of Sweden and Catherine Jagiellonska, daughter of Sigismund I, King of Poland.


Gustavus I (1496-1560), is the son of Charles VIII (1408-1470), King of Sweden from 1448-1457, 1464-1465, 1467. Gustavus I was Regent from 1521-1523, King of Sweden in 1523. Gustav married (1) Catharine (1513-1535), daughter of Magnus I, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg. in 1531. (2) Margaret Lejonhufvud (1514-1551), daughter of Eric Lejonhufvud, in 1536 (3)Catherine (1536-1621), daughter of Gustavus Stenbock, in 1552.


King John III (1526-1583), King of Sweden in 1568. John married (1) Catherine Jagiellonka (1526-1583), the daughter of Sigismund I, King of Poland.


Sigismund III

Sigismund III(1566-1632) married (1) Anne (1573-1598), daughter of Charles Archduke of Austria, in 1592. His second wife, The Austrian princess, Archdutchess Constance Habsburg (1588-1631). Constance was the daughter of Charles AD of Austria.

Sigismund was of the Swedish House Of Vasa.

He was elected king of Poland in 1587. He inherited the Swedish throne in 1592, but he was deposed because of his strong Roman Catholic views (by this time Sweden was Protestant). In Poland, he wanted to rule as an absolute monarch which brought him into conflict with the gentry. His mother taught Zygmunt the Catholic faith.


Ladislas IV.jpg

Ladislas IV
painted by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ladislas Sigmund (1595-1648), son of Sigmund III Vasa and Anne of Austria, took the throne in 1632 as Ladislas IV. He fought the Swedes, Turks, Muscovities, and the Cossacks.

John Casimir

King John Casimir
by Daniel Schultz, the younger
Royal Lazienki Museum, Warsaw, Poland.

John Casimir (Jan Kazimierz) (1609-1672) John Casimir was elected king after his half-brother, Wladyslaw IV (1595-1648) died in 1648. John (Jan) ruled during twenty (20) years of war and civil turmoil. He abdicated from the throne, exhausted, in 1668. He died in France in 1672.

***For the ancestors of John Casmir CLICK HERE


King Michael Wisniowiecki

King Michael Wisniowiecki
by Daniel Schultz, the Younger
Wawel Royal Castle, Warsaw, Poland

Michael Wisniowiecki (1640-1673) , herbu Korybut, was the son of Jeremi, Palatine of Ruthenia and Gryzelda nee Zamoyska. Michael was king from 1669.



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