Saint Stanislas Kostka
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

The Communion of St. Stanislaw Kosta by Szymon Czechowicz

St Stanislaw Kostka was born October 28, 1550 in the castle of Rostkovo (Masowie) of a Polish aristocratic family. In 1564, after being educated at his home, Stanislaw took up studies at the Jesuit college in Vienna, Austria. He travelled to Vienna with his brother, Paul, and his tutor, Bilinski. While in Vienna he lived for a year in a seminary for the sons of nobles, and the Lutheran family Kimberker. He was a member of the Jesuit Confraternity of St Barbara for the Futherance of the Worship of the Sacrament. He applied for the Jesuit order, but was refused by the Austrian Vice Provincial P. Maggi, because of his father's noble standing. Stanislaw then went to Peter Canisius in Dillingen, who sent him to The General Superior Francisco Borgia in Rome. There was fear of political repercussions from Stanislaw's father (who apparently was quite powerful). Borgia finally allowed Stanislaw to be entered into the novitiate on October 28, 1567. However, it is said that Stanislaw was weaked by his travel to Italy and possibly contracted a disease on his trip. He died August 15, 1568 of malaria.

Stanislaw was said to have received Holy Communion from angels. The Mother of God appeared to Stanislaw and let him hold her child. During his flight from Vienna, the angels were said to have held his brother's horse at bay, so he could not stop him from fleeing. Stanislaw healed a dying lame man. After his death, he was said to have freed Lublin from the plague.

Stanislaw is patronized in Poland (since 1671), Warsaw, Poznan, Lublin, Lvov, and Gniezno.

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