Saint Maria Karlowska
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz Sypniewska

Maria Karlowska was born in Kartowo, Poland, on September 4, 1865. He was the daughter of pious parents and thus was taught her devotions to God. She had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She wanted to use this devotion to send Jesus' mission to the world. She cared for the sick young women in her region of Poland.

She worked with what became the Congregation of the Good Shepherd of the Divine Province. Maria did her main work in Plock, Pomerania. Pomerania was once considered a part of Germany, but it is now part of Poland. Her motto: "more visible that we ourselves."

Maria was the foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Poland. She died in Pniewita, Poland, on March 24, 1935, at age 70 years.

She was beautified, along with Maria Bernandine at Zakopane, Poland, on June 6, 1997. She was a Samaritan among women of material and moral deprivation.


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