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Two artist's renditions of Jadwiga, one from a medieval portrait and one modern colorized copy from another artist's work.


St. Jadwiga was the daughter of Louis I of Anjou (Ludwika I/Ludwik Wiegierski), King of Hungary and Elizabeth of Bosnia. Jadwiga was born February 18, 1374, and is descended from Ladislaus Lokietek IV, King of Poland, whose daughter married Carl Robert Anjou of Hungary. Her father was the nephew of Casimir III, of Poland, who died without heirs.

Jadwiga was promised to Wilhelm Habsburg, and at age eight (8) she went to live in Vienna, Austria. She returned home when her sister, Katarzyna (1370-1378), died. Hedwiga (Jadwiga) and Wilhelm grew to like each other and since they were to be married in adulthood this was good.

However, Jadwiga/Hedwig was crowned Queen of Poland at the cathedral in Gniezno by the Archbishop. The Bishop of Cracow and the Polish nobility urged Jadwiga to marry Ladislaus Jagiellon of Lithuania, "for the honor of God, the good of Poland, and to help convert Lithuania to Christianity" (Szarnicki, Rev. Zygmunt V.,Introducing the Saints of Poland.Pittsburgh: J. Pohl Associates, 1996, 54).

Jadwiga's sister, Mary (1371-1395) wed Zygmunt Luksemburski, King Elector of Brandenburg. Her other sister, Maria, was born in 1365, and died in 1366.

Ladislaus Jagiello was baptised on February 15th and he married Jadwiga on February 18, 1386 in the Cathedral of Cracow and Jagiellon was crowned King on March 4th. Ladislaus was thirty-five (35) and Jadwiga was only twelve (12). Their marriage was said to be a congenial one, and Jagiellon was said to have treated her very well and always saw to her wishes as ruler.

Lithuania was converted and the first episcopal see was stationed in Vilno and Poland's land mass was tripled. Poland now extended from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

On March 22, 1399 (in Krakow), Jadwiga gave birth to her daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth only lived three weeks and Jadwiga, who had complications from childbirth and a virus, died on July 17, 1399. at the age of twenty-five (25). Other members of their family and court died in the same year (1399).


The Family of Jadwiga, Queen of Poland


Jadwiga of Anjou was born February 18, 1373 and died July 17, 1399. She was Queen of Poland from 1384-1399, and she wed Wladyslaw II Jagiello (1348/51 - Jan. 1, 1434), Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland (1386-1434), on February 17, 1396.


Lajos I "the Great" (Louis of Anjou) was born on March 5, 1326 and died on September 10, 1382. He was King of Poland from 1370-1382 and King of Hungary from 1342-1382. Louis married Elizabieta Kotromanic, Princesss of Bosnia. Elizabieta was born about 1340 and died January 16, 1387.


Paternal Line

Charles II Robert d'Anjou was born in 1288 and died on July 26, 1342. He was King of Hungary from 1308 to 1342. He married (1) Maria, duaghter of Kazmierz II (2) Beatrycza, daughter of Henryka VII. (3)Elzbieta Lokietkowna on July 6, 1320. Elzbieta was born in 1306 and died December 29, 1380. She was titled, "Princess of Poland." (parents of Louis of Anjou)

Maternal Line

Stjepan II Kotromanic was born about 1292, and died September 28, 1353. His title was "Ban of Bosnia" (1318-1353). Stjepan married Elzbieta Kazimirzowna(1302-1343), Princess of Inowroclaw. (parents of Elizabeth of Bosnia)


Paternal Line

Charles Martel of Anjou, King of Hungary (1290-1208), was born September 1271 and died August 12, 1295. He married Clemencia of Habsburg, Archdutchess of Austria, on January 1281. Clemncia/Klemencja. daughter of King Rudolfa I; was born about 1272 and died, after February, in 1293.(parents of Charles Robert of Anjou)

Wladyslaw I Lokietek, King of Poland (1306-1333), was born about 1260, and died March 2, 1333. He married Jadwiga of Wielkopolska, Princess of Kalisz, around January 1293. Jadwiga was born about 1286, and died on December 10, 1339.(parents of Elizabeth of Poland)

Maternal Line

Stjepan I Kotromania, Ban of Bosnia, was born about 1242, and died in 1298. He married Jelisaveta Nemanjic, Princess of Serbia, after 1283. Jelisaveta was born about 1270, and died in 1298. (parents of Elizabeth of Bosnia)

Kazimierz III, Duke of Inowroclaw and Gniewkow, was born in 1278/80, and died in 1343/53. He married ? , a Priness of Inowroclaw, before 1309. His unnamed wife was born about 1280 and died before July 1343. (parents of Elizabeth of Cuyavia)


Paternal Line

Charles II of Anjou(1254-May 6, 1309). King of Naples (1285-1309), married Maria of Hungary (1257-March 25, 1323) in 1270.(see generation 6A)(parents of Charles Martel of Anjou)

Rudolph I of Habsburg(1218-1291), King of Germany from 1273-1291. Rudolph married Gertrude of Hohenberg (1225-1281, in 1245.(parents of Clemncia of Austria)

Kazimierz I (1211-1267), Duke of Kujawy from 1233-1267, married Eufozyna of Opole (1229-1292/93) in 1257. (Go to Chart six 6B)(parents of Wlayslaw I Lokietek)

Boleslaw the Pious (1221-1279), Duke of Kalisz and Gniezno. Boleslaw married Jolanta of Hungary (1244-1297) in 1256.(parents of Jadwiga of Greater Poland)

Maternal Lines

Stefan Prijezda I Kotromanic, Ban of Bornia, was born about 1211 and died after 1287. He married ?.

Stefan Dragutin (D: 1317), King of Serbia from 1276-1286. Stefan married Catherine of Hungary (D: circa 1256/57) in 1269 (see generation 6A.)(parents of Elizabeth of Serbia).

Ziemomysl (abt. 1241-bef 1287), Duke of Kujawy from 1267-1268. Ziemomysl married Salomea (abt 1245-1312/14), Princess of East Pomerania. (Go to 6C)

(parents of Casimir/Kazmierz III)


6A. Stefan V(1239-August 1, 1272), King of Hungary (1270-August 1, 1272), (father of Maria of Hungary and Catherine of Hungary). Stephen Married Elizabeth, a Cumanian of unknown ancestry in 1253.

Stefan had three sisters who became Saints:

St. Kinga or Kunegunda was born March 5, 1224(?) and died July 24, 1292. She Married Prince Boleslaus of Poland (1243-1279)(Boleslaw V Wstydlimy/Boleslaw the Chaste), in 1239.

Anna was born in 1226; she married Roseislaw in 1243.

St Jolanta/Jelata (1244-June 17, 1298) married Boleslaw Pobozny) in 1256. (see gen. 5) She was beautified November 26, 1826.

St Margaret of Hungary (B: 1242)

6B. Conrad (1187/8-1247), Duke of Masovia, married Agafia of Volhynia circa 1207.(parents of Casimir, Duke of Cuyavia)

6C. Casimir/Kazimierz I (1211-1267), Duke of Cuyavia from 1233-1267 (see generation 5), married Constancia of Wroclaw (D:1257), as his second wife in 1239.(go to 7C)(parents of Ziememysl)

6D. Casimir (1178-1229), Duke of Opole from 1211-1229, married Viola of Bulgaria D: 1251. (parents of Eufrosyna of Opole)

6E. Wladyslaw (1190-1239), Duke of Poland, married Jadwiga of Pomerania (Gdansk) (D: 1249) in 1218 (parents of Boleslaw the Pious, Duke of Kalisz and Gniezno)

6F. Stefan Urol I, King of Serbia from 1243-1276, married Helena de Courtenay (parents of Stefan Dragutin (D; 1317), King of Serbia from 1276-1286)


7A. Bela IV (1200-May 3, 1270), King of Hungary from 1236-1270. Bela married Maria Lancaria (Laskaris)(D:1270) in 1218. (parents of Stefan V, King of Hungary)

...St. Elizabeth was born in 1207 in Hungary, and died on November 17, 1231. Elizabeth married Ludwig IV (Louis) of Thuringia in 1221, and they lived in Wartburg Castle, until his death in 1227 of the plague, during the Crusades.

7B. Casimir the Just (D: 1138), married Helena of Kiev (D: 1202/6) circa 1186.(parents of Conrad, Duke of Mazovia)

7C. Henry the Pious (B: 1191), Duke of Wroclaw from 1238-1241, married Anna of Bohemia (1204-1265), in 1218.(parents of Constancia of Wroclaw)

7E. Odon (1141-1194), Duke of Poland from 1177-1194, married Vycheslava of Halicz (1150-1194) (parents of Wladyslaw, Duke of Greater Poland).

7F. Stefan Nemanya II, King of Serbia from 1196-1228, married Endexia of Constantinople (parents of Stefan Urol I, King of Serbia)


8A. Andrew/Andrzej II (1176-1235), King of Hungary from 1206-1235. Andrew married Gertrud of Moran (D: 1244)in 1203.(parents of Bela IV, King of Hungary)

8A. Theodore I Lascaris, Emperor of Nicea from 1206-1222. Theodore married Anna Angelus(parents of Maria of Laucaria)

8B. Boleslaw III Wrymouth (1085-1138), Duke of Poland from 1102-1138. Boleslaw married Salomea of Berg (1101-1141) (parents of Casimir the Just, Duke of Poland)

8C. Henry the Bearded, Duke of Silesia from 1201-1238, married Hedwig (Jadwiga) of Moran (?-1243) in 1186.(parents of Henry the Pious, Duke of Wroclaw)

For more information on Hedwig Click Here

8C. Plemysl Makar, King of Bohemia from 1206-1230, married Constance of Hungary (D:1240).(parents of Anna of Bohemia (1204-1265)

8D. Wlayslaw the Exile (1105-1159), Duke of Poland from 1138-1146, married Agnes of Babenburg (1111-1157)(parents of Mieszko of Silesia, Duke of Bavaria)

8E. Mieszko III, the Old (1126-1202), Duke of Poland from 1173-1177, married (1) Elizabeth of Hungary (1128-1155) in 1140.

8F. Stefan Nemanya I, Great Zupan of Serbia from 1168-1196, maried ? (parents of Stefan Urol I, King of Serbia)


9A. Bela III (1148-April 23, 1196), King of Hungary from 1172-1196. Bela married Margaret of France (D: 1197) in 1180. (parents of Andrew II, King of Hungary)

9A. Alexius III Angelus, Emperor of Constantinople from 1196-1203. His wife's name is unknown (parents of Anna Angelus)

9B. Wladyslaw I Herman (1042-1102), King from 1079-1102. Wladyslaw married (2)Judith-Maria of Austria.(parents of Boleslaw III Wrymouth, Duke of Poland)

9C. Bela III, King of Hungary, married Margaret of France (1158-1197)in 1180.(parents of Plemysl Makar, King of Bohemia)

9D. Boleslaw III Wrymouth married Zbislawa of Kiev (D; 1108) in 1103

9D. Leopold II of Austria (1102-1136), married Agnes of Hohenstaufen in 1106.

9E. Boleslaw III Krzywousty and (1) Zbyslawa of Kiev (1102-1138) (parents of Mieszko, the Old, Duke of Poland)


10A. Gejza II (1190-May 3, 1162), King og Hungary from 1141-1162. Gejza married Eufrozyna.

10B.Kazimierz I Odnowiciel (the Restorer)(1016-1058) was King of Poland from 1038-1058.(parent of Wladyslaw Herman)

10E. Sviatopulk, Grand Duke of Kiev (father of Zbyslawa of Kiev)


11A. Bela II Slepy (1109- February 13, 1141), King of Hungary from 1131-1141.

11B. Mieszko II (990-1034), King of Poland from 1025-1034, married Rychesa(parents of Kazimierz Odnowiciel)


12A. Almos (1075-1127), King of Croatia.

12B. Boleslaw Chrobry (967-1025) married (3)Emnilda(parents of Mieszko II, King of Poland)


13A. Gejza I (1044/5-April 25, 1077); King of Hungary.

Mieszko I (930-992), Prince of Polanians, married (1)Dobrava(parents of Boleslaw Chrobry)


14A. Bela (Wojciech) died in December 1063, King of Hungary in 1060. Bela married in 1042 to ?, daughter of Mieszko II, King of Poland


15A. Michal Vaszoly (Wasyl) 1038


16A. Taksony 931-970, King of Hungary from 950.


17A. Solt (Zoltan) 894-945, King of Hungary.


Arpad D: 907, King of Hungary 886.



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