The Snipe Clan
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.



The snipe on the shoreline looked up just in time
To greet the one looking for some peace in his mind
Said you've got to slow down your pace
Let the worry go from your face
And welcome to this natural place.

Except from The Natural Place by David Black


The Iroquois people who originally had the Snipe Clan were the Onondagas, Cayugas, or Seneca. Tawis:tawis (dah-wis dah-wis) OR The Snipe Clan is a Clan of the Air. Each clan represents the elements of our world through air, earth and water.

Common Snipe is like a sandpiper. The Snipe pushes its long, straight bill vertically into water and soft mud in search of invertebrates. The rhythmic upward and downward pumping action of its bill, as it feeds, is reminiscent of a sewing machine at work.

The Snipe Clan members are generally always busy, like the bird. They are not lazy. They can be moody, but usually they are happy. They are full of energy and alert. Snipe Clan members love to have new projects to do. They are positive thinkers and know a little bit about a lot of things, making them interesting as friends and co-workers.

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