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The Murdock Family
Written and Researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.

The Murdock/Murdoch Name

The Murdoch/Murdock name comes from two Gaelic names:

  1. Muireach - which is middle German, Muireach became Muiredachus meaning "belonging to the sea."

  2. Murchadh - "sea warrior." Muir means "sea." The Murdocks were landowners in Yorkshire, Essex, and Oxfordshire,England. They came to Yorkshire prior to 1066 by Norsemen of Irish descent. In The Book of Irish Families Great and Small it says that the Murdock settled in Ireland around County Antrim, after coming from Scotland. They are associated with the MacDonald and MacPherson Scottish clans.

    Murtagh was an old Irish spelling of Murdock. They were located near Kells, in Couty Meath. It was also spelled O'Moriarty, and may come from the Gaelic word for navigator.

    In 1659 Murtagh is found as the principal name on Longford, Louth, Westmeath, and Roscommon, Ireland. Those found in Ulster were of Scottish origins.

    - A branch of the Murdocks persons of prominence in the reign of William the Lion and witnessed many Charters.

    - Murdoch, the 2nd duke of Albany was executed in 1425.

    - William Murdock (1754-1839) was the inventor of gas-lighting.

    The Murdock Arms

    - Murdoch - Scotland. a raven, rising, sa, pierced through the breast by an arrow, gu.

    - John Burn Murdoch, Esquire of Gartincaber, Perthshire. - a raven, rising transfixed by an arrow, ppr. Motto: Omnia pro pono or "All things for the good."

    - Murdock - a raven, issuing, regardant, in dexter, a sword. in pale.

    - Murdock - Scot. a raven rising, sa, shot through the breast by an arrow, gu., headed and feathered, ar. Omnia pro bono or "All things for the good.

    My Murdock Line:


    James Murdock was a master blacksmith. He married Helen Tullis. Their children were:

    01) Isabella Murdoch was christened on June 7, 1811 in Moonzie, Fifeshoire, Scotland.
    02) Andrew Murdoch was christened on November 1, 1801 at Moonie, Fifeshire, Scotland.
    03) Andrew Murdoch was christened on May 20, 1804.
    04) Thomas Todd Mordoch was christened on March 8, 1806.
    05) James Mordoch was christened on June 27, 1797.
    06) David Reekie Mordoch was christened on December 17, 1808. 07) Robert Murdock was christened on December 23, 1799.


    Thomas Todd Murdoch was born in 1805, was christened on March 8, 1806. He died on May 23, 1884 (at age 78) in South Dron, Leuchars, Fifeshire, Scotland, of a fractured femur about 7 days after his injury, as informed by his brother David Murdock. He married Jane/Jean Honeyman who was born in 1805, and died December 14, 1887 in Springfield, Parish of Cupar (at age 82). Information on these two was from the death certificate of Jean [Murdock] Wilson, widow of John Wilson.


    Jean Murdock married John Wilson on November 18, 1848. Jean was born on March 6, 1820, in Strathburn, Leuchars, Fifeshire, Scotland. Jean was baptized on April 2, 1829 in the presence of the congregation by Rev. Watson. Jean's parents were: David Murdock, a laborer, and Janet Robertson. Another record shows a Jean Murdock born in Forgan parish (which borders Leuchar) This Jean was born to David Murdock and Jean Gibson on March 17, 1828, and was christened on April 11, 1828. Forgan is 10 miles from Cupar and St Andrews. Forgan was formerly known as St Philans/St. Fillians and is north of Leuchars.

    I found a David Murdock "smith" in Forgan Parish valuation rolls in 1885 (VR 10/11) The proprietor is listed as being the St. Fort Estate. David is shown as living in dweling 15 as a smithy and gardener. This home was valued at 6 pounds. The St. Fort Estate was owned by Henry Stewart just like Cuplahills farm. John Wilson was a farm laborer. He was a ploughman in Rhynd, Fifeshire, Scotland. John was born on April 15, 1827 in Kingsbarn, Fifeshire, Scotland. John died September 25, 1871 (age 44) in Cuplawhills (Cuplahills today), Parish of Leuchars, Fifeshire, Scotland. At the time of his death, John was living in one of the cotter houses. I have been told that the farm was run by Andrew Hain was a tenant farmer, at this time.

    The Wilson Family

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