The Malet Family
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Simon Boleyne married the sister and heir of Robert Malet (Blomefield), and possessed estates at Walpole.


Left: Arms of Robert Malet (H. III. Roll) bore, sable, three round buckles, tongues to the dexter, 2 and 1, argent (French origin) Dering, Howard and St. George Rolls.

Right: Arms of Baldwin Malet (French origin).F., 1--bore, azure, three escallops or. ---Shirley

A third arms was that of Sir Thomas Mallet (not shown) of Notts. -- (E., II Roll) bore Gules, a fess ermine between six buckles tongues to the dexter, or., Parliamentary Roll ---the fess or., in Harl. MS. 6137 fo. 19b.

A Fourth arms was that of Richard Mallet and Sir Robert Mallet of Bucks., (E. II Roll) bore, sable, a chevron between three buckles tongues to the dexter, argent; Jenyns and Parliamentary Roll.


Malet/Mallett is associated with Graville-Sainte-Honorine: Seine-Inf. arr. and cant Le Havre.

Granville was the head of the Malet barony in Normandy. William Malet and his son Robert Malet, the Doomsday tenant-in-chief, held this barony. In 1066-1078, William Malet gave a gift to the Abbey of Preux. This gift was his land in Buletot of the Lord Graville. The ditches of the castle of the Malet family was located below the priory of Graville and were still visible in 1870.

Mallet/Malet in the British Isles...


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