The Lineage of Saint Hyacinth of Konski:
Compiled by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

Saint Hyacinth was of noble lineage. His nickname was "the Apostle of the North." He was born in 1185 in the castle of Lanka, Kamin (near Breslau, Silesia). He was a direct descendant of the House of Odrowaz (Odrovonge in French), of Silesia. His paternal grandfather was a general in the struggle against the Tartars.


Saul Odrowaz, Count of Konski defeated many enemies as a warrior/soldier.


General Saul Odrowaz, Count of Konski was known for his martial skills in the twelfth century, as he fought the Tartars.


Eustachius, Count of Konski was of the noble family of Odrowaz/Odrowatz (their eldest son). nicknamed "Father of the Poor" since his line devoted themselves to the Church and took an oath of poverty.

Rev. Ivo Odrowaz, Chancellor of Poland. He became the Bishop of Cracow, succeeding Vincent Kadlubek (as Bishop of Cracow) in 1218, UNTIL 1229. Rev. Iwo Odrowaz was the son of Pauli Odrowaz of Tarczel~ (d. 1210). HIs father, Pauli Odrowaz, was the son of Johannie of Pawellau. This position, as Bishop of Cracow, was urged by King Leszek and the hierarchy of Poland. Iwo was also Kanzler von Polen in 1207. John Prandota, was another Odrowaz Bishop of Cracow from 1242-1266.


Hyacinth (St) went to the University of Prague, Cracow, and Bologna (doctor in canon law and theology).