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The House of Nassau: Netherlands and Luxembourg
Researched and compiled by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

Nassau Coat of Arms

A Count Kreussler is reputed to be also known as Johannes(John) I Count of Nassau-Dillenburg from 1559. John was born in 1535, and died October 8, 1606/8.

The House of Nassau was a European princely family, founded in the 12th century. This family was the stadholders or magistrates of the Netherlands and rulers since 1815, with William I, King of the Netherlands.

The Dutch called them stadhouder from stad meaning "place or city" and houder meaning "viceroy or governor of a province, chief magistrate."

Generation 01:

Ulrich/Dudo (1093-1124), Count of Idstein. Ulrich had a son named Rupert I (d. 1154) who acquired the county of Laurenburg in 1150.

Generation 02:

Arnold, who died in 1148. Arnold acquired the county of Nassau in the Lahn.

Generation 03:

Rutbert, Count of Zutphen in 1059.

Generation 04:

Rupert III, Count of Nassau was the eldest son of Rutbert. Rupert married Ermentrud of Hammerstein, daughter of Count Otto of Hammerstein (d. 1036) Otto inherited possessons situated between the Lahr and the Sieg. Rupert died in 1190.

Generation 05:


Generation 06:

Otto I (1250-1289) was the son of Heinrich II, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg (d. 1254). From Otto came what is now known as the Ottonian Branch of the family. Otto was the Count of Nassau-Dillenburg. Otto died in 1289.

Generation 07:

Henry I(1328-1343) was the Count of Nassau-Siegen in 1303, and the Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, in 1328. Henry died in 1343.

--- Walram was the son of Heinrich II.
--- Emich, brother of Henry, was Count of Nassau Hadomar (from 1303-1334) and died in 1334. This county was shared by John (1303-1328) and Emich (his brothers). John gained control and is solely the Count of Nassau-Dillenburg (from

Generation 08:

*Otto II (1343-1350) was the Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, in 1303. and he died in 1351.

Generation 09

John I was born in 1350 and died in 1416.

Generation 10:

*Englebert was born in 1370 in Dillenburg, and died in Breda on May 3, 1442. Engelbert I was the Count of Nassua-Dietz, and Baron of Breda (since 1417)(reigned from 1420-1442) married Joanna van Polanen, Baroness of Breda, Ladu of Drimmelen in 1411, and 1/2 Gumbergen. on August 1, 1403. Joanna was born on January 10, 1392, and died on May 15, 1445. The Polanen were one of the richest families in the Netherlands, after their union with the Duvenvoordes, thus all their titles.

Engelbert I's other titles were Lord of Polanen; Lord of Grimbergen (1/2 title); Lord of Geertruiden, N iervaart, Klundert, Oosterhout, Naaldwijk, Steenbergen, Castricum, Monster, Rijswijk, Princenhage, Sprundel, Dongen, and the Lek on August 1, 1403 (from his wife's side)' Lord of Drimmelen in 1411; Count of Nassau in Siegen, Dillenburg, Hadamar, and Herborn (with his brothers) on September 4, 1416 - August 1, 1425); Count of Vianden, Lord of Sankt-Vith, Butgenbach, Daasberg, 1/2 Grimberger, Corry, Frasnes, and Londerzed in 1417; Count of Nassau in Herborn (soley) on August 1, 1425; Member of the Council in Brabant (1405-1406)(1409-1418)(1421-1442); a Member of the Council of Holland from 1405-1420.

----Adolphus, brother of Engelbert, died in 1420.
----John II, brother of Engelbert, died in 1443.
----John III, brother of Engelbert, died in 1429. In 1419, John of Bavaria was promised a loan of 5,000 Rhenish guilders by John III. However, this money was never lent, so a feud developed between the two men.

Generation 11:

*William Count of Nassau-Dillenburg died in 1450.

----John IV (1442-1475) was the son of Englebert I. He was Count of Nassau-Dillenburg (1159-1606), Count of Nassau-Dietz died in 1474/5. John married Mary of Loon (1440-1475)

Generation 12:

*John V (1455-1516) was the grandson of Engelbert I. John V was Count of Nassau-Vainden-Dietz in 1475. John V married Elizabeth (1466-1524) in the 1482. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry III, Landgrave of Hesse.

John V quatered the original arms with that of Dietz.

Generation 13:

Count Henry III (ruled from 1516-1538) was the son of John V. Henry married (2)Claudia of Chalon and Orange, daughter of John II, Price of Chalons and Orange d. 1521.

Generation 14:

William/Wilhelmus (1487-1559) "the Rich," was the Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, son of John V. He married (1) Walpurgis (1505-1529) in 1516. Walpurgis was the daughter of John III, Count of Egmont. (2)*Juliana (1506-1580) in 1531. Juliana was the daughter of Bodo III, Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode.
---William's brother was Johannes (1484-1504).

Generation 15:

* John/Johannes (Kruessler) I, "the Elder" (1535-1606/8), was the grandson of John V and the brother of William "the Silent," Prince of Orange (d. 1584) . He was made Count of Nassau-Dillenburg in 1559. John VI died on October 8, 1606/8. He married (1) Elizabeth of Leuchtenberg, (d. 1579) daughter of George III, Landgraf of Leuchtenberg. Their son was John II, Count of Nassau-Siegen who married Magdelena of Waldeck.(2) ? (3) Joan (1561-1622)

Generation 16:

---- John VII, "the Middle," Prince of Nassau-Siegen (1561-1623). This line was made extinct in 1734.

Sons of John VII:

----------1. George, Prince of Nassau-Dillenburg was made extinct in 1739.
----------2. *Ernest Casimir (1573-1632), Count of Nassau-Dietz managed to escape execution. He married Sophia (1592-1642), daughter of Henry Juliuz, Duke of Brunswick. His son, William inherited his title and land.
----------3. John Louis (1590-1653), Count of Nassau-Hadamar. This line was extinct by 1711.

---- William the Silent, brother of John VII, Prince of Orange (d. 1584), was the 1st Stadholder of the Netherlands.
---- Juliane of Nassau-Dillenburg, sister of William the Silent, Prince of Orange. She married Albert VII, Count of Schwartzberg-Rudolstadt.

Generation 17:

William Frederick, Prince of Nassau-Dietz, married Albertina, daughter of Frederick Henry of Orange.

Generation 18:

Henry Casimir I, Count of Nassau Dietz (1612-1640).

Generation 19:

Henry Casimir II (1657-1696), son of William Frederick, Prince of Nassau-Dietz.

Generation 20:

*John Willard Friso (1686-1711) was the Prince of Nassau-Dietz, and the Pretender Prince of Orange (1687-1711) (inherited from his mother). John Willard married Mary Louise (1688-1765). Mary was the daughter of Charles Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel.

---- Charles Leopold (1678-1747), brother of John William, was the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Charles married (1) Sophia Hedwig (1690-1734) in 1708. They divorced in 1710.
---- Isabella (1692-1757), sister of John William, was married to Christian (1688-1739), Prince of Nassau-Dillenburg in 1725.

Generation 21:

---William IV (1711-1751), Prince of Orange Stadholder in 1747. William married Anne (1709-1759) in 1734. Anne was the daughter of George II, King of Great Britain and Caroline (1683-1787), daughter of John Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach.

---- Charlotte Amalia (1710-1777), sister of William IV, married Frederick (1703-1732), the hereditary Prince of Baden-Durlach in 1727.

Generation 22:

---- William V (1748-1806), Prince of Orange was Stadholder from 1751-1795. William married Wilhelmia (1751-1820), in 1767. Wilhelmia was the daughter of Prince Augustus William (1722-1758) of Prussia, and Louise (1722-1780), daughter of Frederick Albert II, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel.
---- Caroline (1743-1787) married Charles Christian (1735-1788), Prince of Nassau-Weilburg. This lines became the Grand Dukes of Luxemburg.

Generation 23:

---- William I (1772-1843) was the King of Netherlands in 1815, then he abdicated in 1840. William married (1) *Wilhelmia (1774-1837), daughter of Frederick Wilhelm, King of Prussia. (2)Henriette (1794-1864) IN 1841. Henriette was the daughter of Francis, Count of Oultremont.

Generation 24:

---- William II (1792-1849) was made King of the Netherlands in 1840. He married Anne (1795-1865) in 1840. Anne was the daughter of Paul I (1754-1801 when he was murdered) Czar of Russia from 1796.

---- Frederick (1797-1881), brother of William II, married Louise (1808-1870), daughter of Frederick Wilhelm III, King of Prussia.
---- Mariann (1810-1883), sister of William II, married Albrecht (1809-1872), Prince of Prussian in 1830. They divorced in 1849.

Generation 25:

---- William III (1817-1890), King of the Netherlands. William married (1) Sophie (1818-1877) in 1839. Sophia was the daughter of William I, King of Wuttemburg. (2) Emma (1858-1934) in 1879. Emma was the daughter of George Victor, Prince of Waldeck and Dyrmont (1831-1839).
---- Alexander (1818-1848), brother of William III
---- Henry (1820-1879), brother of William III. Henry married (1) Amalia (1830-1872) in 1853. Amalia was the daughter of Bernard, Duke of Saxe-Weimar (2) Mary (1855-1888) in 1878. Mary was the daughter of Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia.
---- Sophie (1824-1897)was the sister of William III. Sophie married Charles Alexander (1818-1901) in 1842.

Generation 26:

- These are the heirs of William and (1) Sophia:

---- William (1840-1879)
---- Maurice (1843-1850)
---- Alexander (1851-1884)

Generation 27:

- These are the heirs of William and (2) Emma:

---- Wilhelmia (1880-1962), Queen of the Netherlands, married Henry (1876-1934), Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and Prince of Netherlands, in 1901.

From this marriage is Juliana (1948-1980), Queen of the Netherlands. Juliana married Berhard (b. 1911), Prince of Lippe-Biesterfield, Prince of Netherlands, in 1937



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