Photographs of Haiti - Spring of 1975
Copyright William Nelson, B.S., M.A.

Outside La Citadelle La Ferriere near Cap Haitien built by King Henri Christophe (1807-1820)

Inside of La Citadelle La Ferriere near Cap Haitian, Haiti

San Souci Palace, Haiti, was the palace of King Henri Christophe, who crowned himself in 1811. The King shot himself in this palace, according to tradition, with a silver bullet. His kingdom perished with him and fell into ruin.

The Royal Dahoments were the personal bodyguards (numbering 4,000) of King Henry I (Christophe).

For pictures "taken in Casales, Haiti on December 7, 2003" CLICK HERE

The man that took these pictures is named Nick Pietrowicz, and he works for the U.S. Embassy in Haiti. I can not verify these photos since I have not traveled to Casales, although I have been to Haiti. On my visits I had no idea of the existence of Casales and their story. I do note that the terrain here is lusher, not like the areas of Haiti I have visited, excepting Petitionville, which was also in the mountains. The areas I saw were mainly lowlands (Port-au-Prince) and very dry, dirty, and covered with mud from mudslides. Of course, I have only visited Haiti in the summer.

Notice in the top photograph that the same photo of the Pope is shown on the December 7, 2003 photographs, excepting the frame is different and there is not an insert. The photograph above is from the book: Lost White Tribes by Riccardo Orizio, as mentioned in my articles. These photographs are between pages 130 and 131 in Orizio's book.

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