George Washington - The First President of the U. S. A.

Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

George Washington has roots to both Lady Diana Spencer's family (as her eighth cousin seven times removed) and to the English, French, and Polish Crowns. This will be explained in connecting links.

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 at Pope's Creek, Virginia. He died on December 14, 1799 at Mount Vernon, Virginia. At his death, Washington owned 33,000 + acres of land, including over 23,000 acres in Virginia, 5,000 acres in Kentucky, large tracts in Maryland, New York, and the Northwest Territory. He owned corporate stocks worth over $25,000 and he owned 640 sheep, 329 cows, horses and mules. Washington also owned hundreds of slaves. He even named one of his "slaves" in his will: "Mulatto Man William" and he was given his freedom.

At the age of twenty-seven (27), George Washington married Martha Dandridge Curtis, a wealthy Virginia widow with two children. Martha was his primary beneficiary in his will. George Washington died without any natural children.

George left Mount Vernon to his nephew, Bushrod Washington. His brother, Charles Washington was given the gold headed cane left to George by Dr. Franklin (upon his death). Other recipients named were: William Augustine Washington, George Steptoe Washington, Samuel Washington,and Lawrence Lewis (Nass, Herbert Em Esq., Wills of the Rich and Famous. New York: Tim Warner, 1991, 131-134).


This drawing by Michael Roffe shows Washington's
parade uniform. As general he and other generals
wore this uniform as prescribed by a General Order of
June 1780. On July 14, 1775 Washington ordered
that that Commander-in-Chief wear a light blue ribband
worn across his breast, between his coat and waistcoat
as shown here. Other generals wore pink ribands; while
their aides wore green ones.

George Washington's Cabinet 1789-1797

Office Held Name Years Served
Chief Justice John Jay 1790-1795
Chief Justice (Senate refused appt.) John Rutledge 1795
Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth 1796-1797
Vice President John Adams (2nd President) 1789-1797
Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson (3rd President) 1789-1793
Secretary of State Edmund Randolph 1794-1795
Secretary of State Timothy Pickering 1795-1797
Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton 1789-1795
Secretary of the Treasury Oliver Wolcott, Jr. 1795-1797
Secretary of War Henry Knox 1789-1795
Secretary of War Timothy Pickering 1795-1796
Secretary of War James McHenry 1796-1797
Attorney General Edmund Randolph 1789-1794
Attorney General William Bradford 1794-1795
Attorney General Charles Lee 1795-1797
Postmaster General Samuel Osgood 1789-1791
Postmaster General Timothy Pickering 1791-1795
Postmaster General Joseph Habersham 1795-1797

(Source: Whitney, David C., The American Presidents. New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1975)


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