The Dall Family
Written and Researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.

Meaning of the Name Dall:

George F. Black's The Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin and Meaning has no entry for the name Dall, nor does David Dorward's Scottish Surnames. However, in George Way of Pleans and Romilly Squire's Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia It mentions that the Dows were a affliated with the Buchanan and Davidson clans.

It seems that Dall ("doll") is an English surname meaning "dweller in the valley" (Smith, Elsdon C. New Dictionary of American Names. New York: Gramercy Publishing Co., 1988, 106).

Dall Coat of Arms:


Dall - a lion, passant, gardent, ducally engorged, and royally crowned. Motto: Coronat fides (Fidelity Crowns).

Dall (English) a sword and pen, in saltier, proper.


Balfour Dall married Janet Thomson on December 10, 1820 in Balmerino, Fifeshire, Scotland. So far, I have discovered the following children:

1. Elspeth Dall was christened April 28, 1822 in Balmerino, Fifeshire, Scotland.

2. Janet Dall was christened September 29, 1823 in Balmerino, Fifeshire, Scotland.

3. Alexander Dall was christened on July 17, 1825. He married Elizabeth Taylor

4. Elizabeth Wedderburn Dall was christened on June 9, 1827 in Balmerino, Fifeshire, Scotland.

5. Andrew Dall was christened October 28, 1830 in Balmerino, Fifeshire, Scotland. (This information was taken from the Fifeshire Parish Records of the Latter Day Saints).


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