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The Kruessler, Crysler, Chrysler Coat of Arms
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.

The Austrian Flag. The Crysler family roots were said to be in Vienna, Austria, a city on the Danube River at 28:12N, 16:22E.
The University of Vienna was established in 1375. This increased the level of educated people and today Austria has 0% illiteracy.

Guntersblum civic arms
This is the civic coat of arms of Guntersblum, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany (home of the early Cryslers). This arms displays a divided shield. Above is a linen (white) eagle with outstretched red legs on a blue (azure) background. Below is a pot of five red roses in a blue pot on a white(argent/silver) background. The roses have green foliage.

The Kreussler Coat of Arms as found on the tombstone of Friedrich Kreussler in the Johannis Cemetary in Jena, Germany (Jena was a city on the Saale River in Nort-East Thuringia in South-Central Germany at 50:56 N and 11:35 E). The Battle of Jena (Yay'na) and Averstädt was fought on October 14, 1634, near the River Oder.

Arms of the Rhein Pfalz area of Germany

Comparing these two arms you can see that the Kruessler/Crysler arms has elements of the Guntersblum, not the Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany arms. Basically the flowers. The Battle of Jena took place near the River Oder which divides Frankfort, Germany from Poland today. The French army conducted a unexpected war against Prussia in 1806. After the Prussians had joined the Third Coalition, Napoleon defeated and destroyed them at Jena and Auerstadt. Jena was the former capital of Thuringia, Germany.


I might add that I have not been able to find this coat of arms (shown above right) in any heraldry books to date. It was found in the book: Chrysler: The Life and Times of An Automotive Genius by Vincent Curcio, published by Oxford University Press, 2000. The crest appears on page 9, and has the notation "courtesy of Frank B. Rhodes." Was this arms commissioned by the Chrysler family? Frank Rhodes, Jr. is the son of Jack Chrysler, Walter Chrysler's grandson. Frank B. Rhodes, Sr. was said to have had an extensive correspondence file on the Chrysler family. Frank hired a Miss Buhler, in 1923, to visit his aunt in Canada. However, this was in regards to his maternal line. Frank Rhodes, Jr. continued his father's work and in 1934 had a letter from H.H. Lewis of the American Historical Society who told him that research had already been done on his family. Then the family worked on their tree again in the 1950's (Chrysler, 348-349).


Since Johannis Cemetery in Jena, Germany (Thuringia), is mentioned regarding the tombstone of Friedrich Kreussler, let's examine this. Jena is located in Gera area on Saale river. It was ruled by House of Wettin from 14th century and then by the dukes of Ernestine line from 1485. Jena was always noted for its academia. Many of the liberal ideas of Germany were discussed here amongst its scholars, including those of evolutionist E Haeckel & Karl Marx. Jena was damaged in World War II, and was rebuilt.

The Friedrich Schiller University is located in Jena, Germany. It was first founded, in 1548, as an academy and became the Univ. of Jena in 1558. The school gained an international reputation in the 18th cent. when G. W. F. Hegel, Johann Fichte, and Friedrich von Schiller taught there. In 1934 the university's name was changed to reflect its connection with Schiller. It includes faculties of theology, law, medicine, philosophy, economics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and astronomy, psychology, education, physical education, and technology. It has institutes of languages, classical studies, and the history of medicine and natural science, as well as a botanical garden and an herbarium.


Under the name "Kreusser" Riestap lists a Bavarian coat of arms that was given to the Barons on August 27, 1823 (see above)(Slater, 84):

On quartered shield 1 and 4 is a silver (white) with gold quadrants, lyre of Or (gold), surrounded by laurel branches of green; on the 2nd quarter of azul (blue) is a gold lion supported on an earthen hill, he holds in its paws a gold crown; in the 3 quarter is a projecting unicorn, also standing on an earthen hill. In the junction of these shields is a smaller shield of argent (white)with a fess of red which divides three fleurs-de-lis (two above and one below) without stems or leaves in sable (black).

Crests (3): (left to right)1 - helmet crest is of a lion 2 - the wing with fleur-de-lis and fess of red (as in small shield) 3 - a unicorn which three feathers behind his head - two white and one blue in the middle. This resembles the three ostrich feathers of the British "Prince of Wales" symbol (their's being all white feathers). This arms has the Rhein Pfalz lion and the fleur-de-lis in fess from the Kreisler arms (below). So we can deduce that perhaps this branch of the family had some relationship to the others?

Another coat of arms is listed under the name "Kreussner" as originating in Nuremburg:

Parti: au 1 bande de sable., of argent (white)., org(gold) et de sa., l'or ch. de trois pignates de sa., au 2 d'arg a un bouc ramp de sa. Crest: un vol a l'antique, aux armes de l'ecu."

The "Kreisler" family had a coat of arms. It is described in two different variations:

1. a blue shield with a gold fesse between a fleur-de-lis and a star.

2. Quarterly gules; first and fourth a fleur-de-lis or; second and third a plate; overall a cross of the second.

The Crest: A man issuing vested per pale a)gules b) argent, two bends sable, holding in each outstretched hand a fleur-de-lis or.

Origin of this arms: Germany.


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