Chinese Dragons
(part one)
Written and Researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, Bachelor of Fine Arts

copyrighted in 1996 by Diana Vick

The Dragon is a mythical monster with a scaly body, clawed feet, a long tail and massive fire-breathing jaws. Some Dragons have batlike wings. Dragon comes from the Greek word drakon meaning "serpent."

The Dragon is the emblem of the imperial family of China, and it appeared on their flags prior to 1912, when China necame a republic, founded by Sun Yatsen, thus ending the power of the Qing (Manchu) Dynasty and the Dragon throne. Lao Long Tou means "Old Dragon's Head." In Chinese mythology, mountains were likened to sleeping dragons. Earthquakes are their movements. The Chinese also believed that Dragons formed clouds with their breath and brought rain. The rain fell when the Dragon walked over the clouds and storms raged when they fought with each other.

A modern day living Dragon is the Komodo dragon, varanus komodoensis. The Komodo is a large monitor lizard found in Indonesia.

Dragons, in the Chinese mind, are dominated by nature, and do not like to be crossed. Dragons are bold and fearless and meet life head on. Dragons have an impulsive streak, but learn from past mistakes.

Chinese astrology has Dragon as one of its signs. Dragons are born in the years 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, and the year 2000. The millenium year 2000, was the Year of the Dragon! The next year of the Dragon will be in 2012.

If you are a Dragon person, you are a natural warrior and feel you are always right, even when others can prove otherwise. Self-opinionated, over-bearing and bossy sum up the negative side of the fire-breathing Dragon. Dragons won't take orders from anyone, especially those they don't respect.

Dragon people are extremely versatile. They win by doing, not by cheating. They love to gather their own treasure trove of goods and are very loyal. Dragon people generally are very healthy. However, they are subject to headaches and migraines.

Male Dragons love to experiment and enjoy culinary delights, but they also can stimulate their appetites in other directions. Dragons are classed into various types:

The Metal Dragon is the most explosive and dominating of the Dragons. They tend to be materialistic. The Metal Dragon is not one to suffer fools -- anyone who fails him will fall out of his favor. There are no half-ways with the Metal Dragon. When you first encounter one for the first time, you will have an instant rapport or you will find them rude and bombastic. Metal Dragons bring out hate or love, and nothing inbetween.

Water Dragons are generally brutally honest, but the Water Dragon is more tactful than the others of his kind. Water Dragons tend to have more friends. They have the same fire as others, but they can extinguish their tempers faster.

The Wood Dragons are warm-hearted, even if they tend to hide the fact behind a harch exterior. Wood Dragons are kind Dragon People. The Wood Dragon has a good understanding of diplomacy. These are the family-minded Dragons. They are warm, charming, and tactful.

The Fire Dragons see life as a set of challenges. No one wants to cross this Dragon. His Fire is hot, just like his temper. These Dragons have a Black Belt in life!

The Earth Dragon has more patience than most of his breed. Earth Dragon People make good mates, they lavish attention on their beloved. The Earth Dragon protects his family and friends. This fire-breather has a soft side.



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