Blessed John Prandota
Researched and written by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska.

The Holy town of Odrowaz gave the church a number of saints. St. Hyacinth, Blessed Chester, Blessed Bronislawa, and Blessed John Prandota were all related according to the historians.

John Prandota was the son of Saul Odrowaz and the grandson of Dobieslaw Odrowaz (b. 1206). His great grandfather was Dobieslaw, son of Wislaw Odrowaz (d. 1160). Wislaw's brother, Radslaw (d. 1162), was the great grandfather of Iwo Odrowaz, Bishop of Krakow (1218-1229). Iwo had a cousin named Prandota (d. 1200)who owned the estates of Kinskie, Golan, Nieswin, Radzannow, Popewo, and Modliszewice. His cousin's heirs was known as the Konskie Odrovons.

John Prandota was canon of Tarczel~ in 1228. From his youth, John Prandota wanted to be a priest. He prayed that faith would allow him to fulfill this wish. He prayed daily for his own vocation and for the happiness and health of others.

John Prandota was the Canon of Bishop Wislaw of Cracow. When Wislaw died, John was unanimously chosen as the new bishop of that See. He was ordained in 1242 (some say in 1238). He was bishop until 1266. This was a difficult time for both the Church and for Poland, because of the raids of the Tartars and the growing power of the Teutonic Knights. John encourage the army to fight both braveky and heroically, and comforted them when they were defeated. From his own inheritance he provided funds to build Crakow after the Tartar raids. He also founded the hospital of the Holy Spirit in Cracow.

Upon hearing of Hyacinth's death, John Prandota, the beloved bishop of Cracow, went to the church of the Friar Preachers to venerate the holy remains of Hyacinth and presided at his funeral.

John Prandota had a son named Petrus, who was Palatine of Crakow from 1275-1299. John's grandsons were Prandota and Boguslaw. Blessed John Prandota was responsible for the canonization of Saint Stanislas Szczpanowski, former Bishop of Cracow. John strove to establish a number of new parishes and to strengthen the faith of the Polish people.

John Prandota's intensive work led him to become tired and sick. He suffered a prolonged illness, and he died in 1266. He is buried in the Cathedral of Cracow.


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