Bartholomew - Knight Family Photos

L to R: Back row = George Bartholomew, Charles F. Bartholomew, Fred Packard, Bert Bartholomew, Frederick George Knight
Middle = Ann Mariah (Packard) Bartholomew, Lillian Bartholomew Packard with her daughter Ira Packard, Ada Penniman Bartholomew with baby Carl Bartholomew (her son), Harriet Assenia (Bartholomew) Knight
Front = Phoebe Knight and Charles Frank Knight

Ann Mariah (Packard) Bartholomew and her husband, Charles H. Bartholomew

Charles H. Bartholomew and Anne Mariah (Packard) Bartholomew

This photos is labelled Dan Bartholomew's Family. Does anyone recognize this?


Frederick George Knight I


Phoebe Ann (Peterson) Knight ..... Josie Jimerson Knight(?)

Harriet Assenia Bartholomew Knight


In Loving Memory

Since Grandma Knight lived almost to her 95th birthday, I remember her well. She had a great sense of humor, was a fabulous storyteller, loved to crochet and made many beautiful things for the entire family, like to go fishing, tended the farm, did church work, and always had time for all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He vivid stories about our family history is what started me on genealogy.

Harriet A. Bartholomew and her husband, Frederick George Knight II

Home of Harriet and Frederick Knight in Northville, Wayne County, Michigan. This street is currently being made into a Victorian showcase, and all homes are being restored.

L to R: Harriet (Bartholomew) Knight; her son, Charles Frank Knight with his son, Franklin George Knight on his lap; and Charles H. Bartholomew (father of Harriet Bartholomew Knight).

Russell Martin Knight, as a baby, son of Charles Frank Knight (above) and Grace Lenor Dickeron Knight.

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