Saint Michael,
the Archangel

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St Michael

Michael is one of the three most recognized archangels. The other two are Gabriel (man of God) and Raphael (God is healed). The Holy Scriptures also describe Michael as one of the chief princes. As Guardian Angel of Israel, Michael single-handedly wiped out an Assyrian army of 185,000 men. Michael was responsible for the victory of Judas Maccabaeus, and wrestled Moses' dead body from the Devil (who thought Moses belonged in hell for killing an Egyptian). Michael defended a convent of English nuns during the Reformation.

The Devil, who was cast out of heaven, by St. Michael, decided to terrify workers on the Church of Saint Michael in Cornhill, England. The Devil left his claw-mark on the bells.

Michael was thought to have appeared on the battlefield in Italy, France, and England during World War I and World War II.

St. Michael was an Archangel. The name Michael means he who is like God. He was the Protector of the Holy Roman Empire. Michael was one of the three angels who stood before the throne of God. God sent Michael to cast out Lucifer from heaven.

Michael made three appearances on earth:

1. Michael appeared, in the fifth century, on Mount Gargano, in southwestern Italy. This is where he said he wanted to make his earthly home. When his church was build and Consecrated, Michael placed his mantle upon the altar. Michaelmas or Angel's Feast Day commemorates the consecretion of this church.

2. Michael comes to northwestern France. Here another church was built on a rocky hill with water surrounding it. This church was named Mont-Saint-Michael. St Michael brought a piece of his cloak from Mont Gargano and a fragment of marble on which he stood.

3. Michael appeared to Pope Saint Gregory. This was during a terrible plague that was killing people all over Europe. Gregory prayed to Michael and the plague subsided. Gregory had a church built there known as Castel Sant'Angelo or the Fortress of the Holy Angel.

Michael's feast day is September 29th in the Roman Catholic Church, and September 6th in the Orthodox Catholic Church.



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