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The Work of Pablo Davis
Artist working to improve the lives of the people of Detroit.

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Welcome to the home page of Pablo Davis. On this page you will find examples of Pablo's art, and you can also learn more about his life and what inspires him, which at this present time is an effort to build an intergenerational day facility for the Detroit community, which you can learn about in this document. In short, intergenerational means children and senior citizens working and having fun together.

Feel free to click on any of the links listed throughout this document, or if you like, please feel free to scroll through the document using the scroll bars. You can also email us at . In either case, enjoy. Oh, and if you want to learn more about Pablo, or to purchase his art work - try Jean Wharton's great Pablo Davis page -

by Pablo Davis


About Pablo

Pablo "Steve" Davis

Artist, Humanist, Historian

Working to support people's basic right to work for a better life

Born in Philadelphia in 1916 to Jewish immigrant parents, Paul Meier Kleinbordt, now Pablo Davis is now the last living associate artist who helped the great Mexican muralist Diego Rivera paint the famous "Detroit Industry" murals in the Detroit Institute of arts. In 1932, Pablo also assisted Diego on the auto industry masterpiece in the Ford Rouge plant.

Pablo has a repertoire of thousands of works of art and seventeen museums now hold his works, including the Louvre in Paris His painting of former Michigan Governor John Swainson hangs in the State Capitol rotunda. His sculpted panels form the exterior walls of the Comerica bank on Lafayette and Cass, plus two more murals are in southwest Detroit.

Pablo has certainly seen a lot in his lifetime; having been born in Philadelphia, then moving to Detroit to help Diego Rivera, then back to Philadelphia to study art, then to Spain in the mid 1930s where Pablo [ then called Paul] was wounded while fighting fascism ... whereby a result of his critical wound, he ended up meeting Pablo Picasso.

In the late 40s and early 50s Paul lived in Denver working to further the cause of Mexican American workers. Because of the red scare of McCarthyism, Paul was imprisoned for 15 months. After his release, he changed his name to Stephen Paul Davis and moved to Detroit so that he could continue his human right efforts.

Pablo has been quoted as saying "I will work to my last breath" and that "is the only way to live", and his efforts in support of establishing the present Pablo Davis Elder Living Center which provides affordable housing for Seniors in Southwest Detroit, and in teaching seniors and children at the center via funding from the National Indian Council on Aging certainly attest to that.

Now Pablo, having seen the power of uniting children and seniors in intergenerational activities, is now working to establish an intergenerational center in downtown Detroit. Proceeds from the sale of his art work will go to help fund this new intergenerational center. In this new intergenerational center, there will be child day care, adult day care, community rooms, and common areas for both groups to come together. Such a setting fosters learning, the value of life, and justice for all.

Some of his artwork is shown on this and other sites, so please feel free to browse some of his artwork by clicking here

Pablo would like to thank the Detroit Free Press for an excellent article on his life and work. The article can be reached by clicking on . He thanks Dell Warner from Channel 4 in Detroit for her recent TV series concerning him. Pablo would also like to thank GM and Ford for their interest in his work and the DIA mural. Further, Pablo would like to thank General Motors for their shown generous donation to our cause, especially at the premiere showing of Frida, the story of Frida River, wife of Diego Rivera ... both of whom Pablo met and had dinner with many, many years ago when he helped Diego paint the Detroit murals.

In other news, Bob Larson of is now recording a conversation with Pablo describing his life, the causes he has supported, and the reasons why he now supports intergenerational work in Detroit. Regarding his work at the DIA, PDmur.htm shows Pablo lecturing about Rivera's murals at the DIA. Our thanks to Robert Levine, MD for the wonderful images!

Pablo's work was shown in December 2004 at the Ah! Moore' International Cafe, on 48856 North Adams Road in Rochester Hills, Michigan : 248-370-8813.   Also, Pablo had a showing of his works at the Scarab club. The event was titled "Dirty." Click here -> Dirty to see images of Pablo at the event. Should we receive any images of the art shown, we will post them asap. Suggestions for future work are always welcomed, and can be sent to  More recent events may be browsed at .

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Selected works of Pablo Davis

The following are just a few examples of the art of Pablo Davis. More art can be found at .   To purchase Pablo's art - please visit Jean Wharton's - Pablo Davis page - Thank you


Ole man




The prisons we make for ourselves





Woman, cleaning clothes

More, examples of Pablo's art can be found at - . Art may be purchased by visiting Jean Wharton's wonderful Pablo Davis page -

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Mission: Intergenerational Program for Detroit

Pablo Davis has a vision of uniting senior citizens and youth in the Detroit area ... and for his part, Pablo is selling his art in order to raise funds for a new Intergenerational Facility in downtown Detroit. The center will be called the Pablo Davis Intergenerational facility, and will be built adjacent to the Pablo Davis Elder Living center. The facility will bring together kids from head start with seniors from the community in order to foster a sense of community. All proceeds from the sale of Pablo's art will go to the building of this intergenerational center

To achieve this goal Pablo has enlisted the help of volunteers within the community. This effort falls under the direction of Bridging Communities Inc , a (501)(c)(3) nonprofit organization of Southwest Detroit businesses, labor organizations, churches and residents working together to create a society where people live together in tolerance, compassion, civility and respect. Building on the principles of democracy, empowerment, dignity, justice and equality, they believe that all life has value, from birth to death and that a full, meaningful and productive life is based on the level of our participation.


Our present efforts include intergenerational work at two facilities, each session lasting one hour. One session is held at the Pablo Davis Elder Living Center. The other session is being held currently at Trinity Saint Mark's church, where Seniors with Alzheimers are brought together with kids from Vista Nueva' Head Start program.
The proposed intergenerational day center, illustrated in the images to the left, will be built adjacent to the present elder center, depicted at The new facility will house adult and child day care programs, and provide space for community activities, thus expanding on our current intergenerational efforts. Such a facility will address a growing social problem - age segregation. The generations no longer have the loving social bonds they once had. As many families move away from home, many families are left to raise their kids without the benefit of the wisdom that in the past was passed on through interaction with their elders. The young children don't get to interact with grandparents regularly.

This facility thus both brings children in contact with elders in order to give them a sense of family, community and belonging - and also, this facility gives the seniors the vital social interaction they need so that they can maintain dignity, meaning and purpose in life. Otherwise, we stand the risk of children growing up without a sense of respect for the community, and we also stand the risk of leaving seniors barricaded up in their homes, left to die alone. Please help us make sure this does not happen.

Artist's Sketch of proposed new facility.

The remainder of this document provides links to sites that you may find interesting should you wish to learn more about art or intergenerational programs. Also, feel free to search for more information using search engines, of which we reccommend and the meta search engine

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Links you may find interesting

Intergenerational work

Please feel free to click on any of the following links for more information about intergenerational programs

Generations Together   is an intergenerational studies institute with services and resources of interest to professionals exploring the interaction between children, youth, and older adults.

Generations United.   is a national coalition of intergenerational groups, Generations United is a leading national organization focusing solely on promoting intergenerational strategies, programs, and policies.   contains examples of many organizations that want to bring people of different ages together as part of their agency's mission. Often, these programs involve senior volunteers working with youth. On this web site, there are many examples of such programs, and these web sites offer profiles of not only some of these programs, but also tips for bringing senior volunteers and youth together.   contains my best efforts to summarize what i [the web author here] saw at my visit to the Generations Together facility in Dexter, MI - which is about an hour drive on I-94 from the Pablo Davis Elder center.   The Maria-Madeline Project would like to help our nation's senior citizens have some fun by bringing children and young adults together to teach senior citizens how to use computers. It also answers medical and nutritional questions. Visit them today :)   Created in 1971, the Mount Kisco Day Care Center provides dependable care for children at an affordable rate. ... and in a safe, healthy and happy environment with a comprehensive and well-structured curriculum designed to prepare a child for the future.

In their intergenerational programs, children share parts of their day with seniors from neighboring communities fostering a truly nurturing environment in which some of the key relationships of childhood are recreated. Further information on their programs and their fundraising efforts for this $5 million center may be found at their web site.

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Art sites   is an intergenerational program that pairs renowned elder artists with disadvantaged youth to pass on their artistic legacy and skills.   is the exhibit of Diego Rivera's art at the Detroit Institute of Arts   is a site that has examples of Latino art as presented by the group Artes Unidas   is the section of the Artes Unidas site showing Pablo's work   is an extensive Art History site - Maintained by Chris Witcombe, Professor, Art History, Sweet Briar College, Virginia 24595 USA |   The Scarab Club serves the public and Michigan artists of all disciplines in the promotion and presentation of all forms of art through classes, lectures, exhibitions, special events, building rentals and tours. It is located nearby to the Detroit Institute of Art.

http://   Concentrating on the art and artists of the Philadelphia area, Woodmere’s Permanent Collection includes over 300 paintings and sculpture including works by Daniel Garber, Thomas Pollock Anshutz, Edward Moran, Violet Oakley, Nelson Shanks, Benjamin West, and N. C. Wyeth. In addition, the Museum has an impressive collection of works on paper including prints and drawings by Earle Horter, Clare Leighton, Robert Riggs, Jessie Willcox Smith, and Herbert Pullinger.   This is the web site of a friend who we met at our art showing at the Detroit Club. He is setting up a school just outside of Detroit.   - Find art from thousands of web sites.

The Internet Art Database
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ArtQuest ® - An art listing service connecting buyers and sellers of art by email. Special features include thousands of art works for sale, a Portrait Art GiveAway, Links Library, Bulletin Board and many free services. You'll see art listed by artists, galleries and dealers as well as those collectors who are looking to buy and sell paintings, sculpture, prints and more.   provides definitions of art styles such as bas relief, rowlus, and more

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Friends of Pablo Davis

The following are links to web sites of those who help our cause - Pam Halladay volunteers with us. She is from Hannan House, which is a non-profit operating foundation serving the needs of Detroit area older adults. Hannan House, once a home for older adults, today houses the Foundation and our partner agencies- five other social service agencies that also serve the needs of seniors. Together Hannan and our partners seek to make Hannan House a place for senior programs and services in downtown Detroit.

Thank you again for visiting us.

Some of those who have volunteered to help Pablo are:
Marion Bloye Gary Benjamin
Kay Brown Pat Reed
Ray Hillen Mitch Meisner
Rich Engle Carol Forsythe
Pam Halladay Terry Shea
Jean Wharton
and of course ... Pablo Davis himself.
Member Bios can be viewed at
Again, please feel free to contact us at
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Contact Information

The Intergenerational Comittee of
Pablo Davis and Friends
9200 West Vernor Hwy
Detroit, MI 48209

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