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Secrets and Lies

This is our little missive to you, our readers: We realize we’re writing stories in a fandom that is made up of mostly women from the ages of twelve and thirteen all the way to fifty. And though we want to avoid generalizations, we think it’s fair to say that a good many of you aren’t the “action” types—that perhaps you’d rather read drama or romance or angst or comedy, and that fight scenes and action/adventure storylines might not be your cup of tea. However, we’ve worked very hard to make this unlike your average kung-fu movie—we’ve tried to inject humor, love, companionship, and a sense of spiritual strength and introspection. In short, we’ve tried to add a full three dimensions to this series, so that the emphasis is not on violence or fighting.

Only you, the readers, will be able to tell us if we’ve succeeded or not.

My Illustrious Co-writer’s Reaction to Secrets and Lies

Frequently Asked Questions about Secrets and Lies

(Note: This series is a reworking and a reinterpretation of Monkees episodes that come after Monkees Chow Mein. As such it features characters and dialogue from those episodes—those elements belong to their respective creators/writers (in other words, if the dialogue/characters appear in an episode, we do not claim them as ours). We just borrowed them and we were very careful to put them back exactly where we found them. Any divergences of plot/dialogue from the episodes and any original characters not found in episodes belong to myself and Enola Jones.)

Coming Soon!
Due to writer's block, The Picture Frame will be delayed; how long remains to be seen as my muse is currently on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List.

However, not to worry! My current fannish obsession, Supernatural, has given me some serious meat for what promises to be an extremely interesting crossover work (not the beginning of a new series, though). Provided RL doesn't take any more Chinese-curse-type twists, it should be posted soon! (Soon = I have no idea)

Secrets and Lies
Mothering Monkees
Controlling The Wind
Secrets On The Line
A Nice Place For Secrets
Movie Star Lies
Touring With Secrets
Dirty Little Secrets
East Coast Winds
City Hall Lies
Weakling Wind
Lone Star Lies
Double Secrets
Tiger By the Tail
Of Winds and Dragons

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