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The chatbox needs a little program to be installed on your computer the first time you connect to it. Just wait a few second for the chat to be loaded and then click on YES when your browser asks for authorization.

If the Chatbox Moderators are marked as [away] when you visit, you can leave your query along with your e-mail address and we will get back to you.

This chatbox is hosted on the following 15 websites:

Driber's Homepage by Driber_IF

Tomb Raider Custom Levels by Colin Grigson and Mike Johnson

Tomb Raider Tool Box by Rob Brown

Tomb Raider Level Heaven by Neil Smith

Tomb Raider Ultimate by DaleR

Virtual-X-Treme by X-TremeError

Tomb Raider Connection by Kiopo

Tomb Raider Level Editor Stuff by Colin Hill

Tomb Raider Warehouse by Elpasodude

Lara's Mansion by Henk Eland

Mike´s Virtual Home by Michael Prager

Tomb Raider Level Editor Fans by MagPlus

Tomb Raider Heaven by pcgamequeen

Emma's TRLE site by Emma P

Tomb Raider Archives by Pwhirl