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Asterisks denote Express locations.
Ada 402 Ada Dr. SE* Strip mall location; closed 2017?, entire block torn down 2019 for redevelopment
Adrian 1377 S. Main St. Relocated to 1080 E. US-223 May 2009, torn down, site vacant. A bank was to have been built on the lot.
Allendale 4989 Lake Michigan Dr.* Drive-thru-only location; moved to 5371, later Stop & Go Burgers, then Dewey Tucker Coffee.
Torn down ca. 2011 for Taco Bell.
Alpena 1180 W. M-32
(in Walmart)
Relocated to parking lot ca. 2002, later Radio Grill, now Subway
Ann Arbor 2000 W. Stadium Blvd. Moved July 1989 to 2310, now Lewis Jewelers
337 Maynard St. Opened 1975, closed 1995, torn down 2002 for an office building called The Collegian
1220 S. University, ste. #100 Now Bubble Island
2101 Bonisteel Blvd.
(University of Michigan,
Pierpont Commons)
Originally Little Caesars; became Panda Express 2004
3752 S. State St. Closed November 2021, vacant
Auburn Hills 300 N. Opdyke Rd.
(in Walmart)
Possibly became Radio Grill before Walmart moved to Rochester Hills ca. 2006; entire building now Legend Valve and Fitting
4130 Baldwin Rd. Moved 1998 to 3950, torn down for highway realignment and parking lot of newer store
Au Gres 326 W. Huron Rd. Closed December 13, 2014, vacant
Baldwin 711 Michigan Ave.
(in Amoco station)
Station became BP ca. 2002, Jack's Quick Stop ca. 2009, Marathon ca. 2014.
Restaurant space became Chester Fried Chicken before 2007, now gas station retail space.
Battle Creek Lakeview Square Mall Opened December 1984 as Mini Mac but later just McDonald's.
Closed late 1990s when food court was rebuilt, space removed for expansion of restrooms
6020 B Drive North
(in Walmart)
Removed for customer service desk
Bay City 2200 Broadway St. Opened 1981 as first Mini Mac; closed May 16, 2021, vacant
Benton Harbor 1681 M-139 Opened 1960, closed 1991, torn down 1992 for AutoZone
Beverly Hills 31655 Southfield Rd. Moved to 30161 Southfield in Southfield ca. 2012, torn down, site vacant
Bloomfield Hills 3230 South Blvd. Strip mall location. Closed 1980s?, later Odyssey Coney Island; entire long-abandoned strip torn down ca. 2014.
Burton Courtland Center, ste. #826
(4176 E. Court St.)
Closed 2007, vacant
5323 E. Court St. N.
(in Walmart)
Closed ca. 2002?, later Radio Grill, now Subway
Cadillac 1662 N. Mitchell St. Moved to 34 Rd. ca. 2011, torn down, site vacant
Capac 3200 Capac Rd.
(in BP station)
Opened 2000, moved to Love's Truckstop at 3191 Capac Rd. March 2018, vacant
Centreville 22785 M-86 Opened 1996, closed October 31, 2023, vacant
Charlevoix 1400 Bridge St. Moved to 1440 ca. late 1990s, torn down for Family Video (now O'Reilly Auto Parts)
Cheboygan 1150 S. Main St.
(in Walmart)
Later Radio Grill, now Subway
Clinton 480 W. Michigan Ave. Closed October 31, 2023, vacant
Clinton Township 37701 Gratiot Ave. Moved to 1617, torn down ca. 2010 for a parking lot
19223 15 Mile Rd. Moved 1986 to 35243 Groesbeck Hwy., torn down for Old Kent Bank (later Fifth Third Bank, now vacant)
Clio 4514 W. Vienna Rd.*
(in Mobil station)
Opened and closed mid-1990s? Later Tony's Roadside Express for a short time, became Rally's ca. 2007.
Dearborn Fairlane Town Center
(middle level)
Closed 2008?, now part of now-closed Charming Charlie
13300 Ford Rd. Moved to 13158 early 1990s?, now a dental office
Dearborn Heights 25600 Michigan Ave. Moved to 25341 Michigan in Dearborn, torn down, site vacant
Decatur 400 W. Delaware St. Closed January 1, 2022, vacant
Deckerville 2010 Black River St.
(in Marathon station)
Opened after 2002, closed ca. 2011, later Oliver's Pizza, now Brown's Pizza
Detroit 3641 Grand River Ave. Closed ca. 1991, later United Cafe, now Motor City Grill
205 W. Congress St.
(Bankers Trust Company Building)
Opened 1979, closed ca. 1991, later a Greek restaurant, now Chrome Nightclub
8000 W. Outer Dr.*
(in Farmer Jack)
Opened 1996, probably closed before Farmer Jack closed in 2004.
Farmer Jack now Glory Supermarket, restaurant space now Al's Soul Food
4200 Conner Ave. Relocated to 3975 Conner ca. 2000, torn down ca. 2006 for parking lot of a Latter Day Saints church
18303 Joy Rd. Opened ca. 1972; relocated ca. 1999 to existing Amoco (now BP) station at 18137 Joy Rd., torn down ca. 2013, KFC built on site 2022
20526 Plymouth Rd. Closed before 1999, building expanded, now doctors' offices
Wayne State University
(20 W. Warren Ave.)
Now part of campus welcome center
Wayne State University
(5221 Gullen Mall)
Closed December 14, 2012, later Metropolitan Grill, now Grille Works
10535 Grand River Ave. Moved to 9815 before 1997; later Nick's Coney Island, torn down 2015, site vacant
13900 E. Jefferson Ave. Torn down ca. 2005, site vacant
1201 Griswold St. Storefront location, opened ca. 1976. Closed and became Theodore's 1993; closed before 2007?, vacant
7641 Gratiot Ave. Torn down between 1999 and 2002, strip mall built on site by 2005
8080 E. 7 Mile Rd. Moved to 19840 Van Dyke early 1990s?, torn down for strip mall
8550 E. 8 Mile Rd. Closed ca. 2005, torn down for parking lot
8005 W. 8 Mile Rd. Closed ca. 2000, now LA Coney Island
11525 Dexter Ave. Closed ca. 2000, torn down ca. 2007, site vacant
13874 Grand River Ave. Opened December 1970, moved to 13676 ca. 1989; later Bob's Quality Meats, now Gentle Dental
5851 W. Warren Ave. Opened 1970, closed ca. 1991. Possibly moved to 6876 Michigan Ave.
Later International Coney Island, now long vacant
1700 E. McNichols Rd. Closed before 1999, possibly consolidated with 14124 Woodward Ave. in Highland Park?, now LA Coney Island
19102 Woodward Ave. Opened 1997, closed 2014, later Tasty World, now Asian Corned Beef
8500 Woodward Ave. Opened 1973 in former Packard dealership; became a church by 1987, torn down 1990s? for Family Dollar
16950 Harper Ave. Closed 2016?, torn down 2018, site vacant
Renaissance Center Closed 2021, vacant
15321 Wyoming Ave. Closed 2022, vacant
3975 Conner St. Closed 2023, vacant
21640 Grand River Ave. Closed 2023, vacant
14204 W. 7 Mile Rd. Closed 2023, vacant
13500 Linwood Ave. Closed 2023, vacant
East Jordan 210 S. Lake St.*
(in Jordan Valley Express
Music Center)
Was a dance hall with a McDonald's Express in it.
Dance hall closed before 2005, McDonald's moved to 240, building now Harvest Barn Church.
East Lansing 234 W. Grand River Ave. Opened 1964, downgraded to McDonald's Express 1995; closed and torn down 1998 for condos
2763 E. Grand River Ave. Opened 1975, closed December 10, 1984.
Later Whee-Ling Chinese (1985), became Sundance Cars by 1987; torn down ca. 2000 for parking lot
East Tawas 1690 E. Huron Rd. Opened ca. 1979, rebuilt as a much smaller store ca. 1999.
Moved to 605 E. Lake St. in Tawas City October 2005, expanded and became Woody's Cycle late 2006.
Renamed Tawas Marine & Cycle late 2017.
Escanaba 601 N. Lincoln Rd.
(in Walmart)
Closed 2019?, vacant
Ecorse 3928 W. Jefferson Ave. Moved to 10955 W. Jefferson Ave. in River Rouge 2012, torn down 2013, site vacant
Essexville 2990 Center Ave. Moved to 1495 Center Rd. before 1994, torn down for Hollywood Video (now O'Reilly Auto Parts)
Hampton Square Mall* Opened and closed mid-1990s, later The Dougout, now vacant. Mall closed September 2010.
Farmington Hills 29455 Grand River Ave. Torn down ca. 2010, site vacant
37555 W. 12 Mile Rd. Closed 2020, vacant
24020 Orchard Lake Rd. Closed 2022, vacant
Fenton 1314 N. Leroy St.
(in Amoco station,
later BP)
Opened 1998, closed summer 2018, station closed soon afterward.
Station reopened 2021 as Sunoco with Dunkin'
Ferndale 170 W. 9 Mile Rd. Storefront location, moved to former Long John Silver's at 22525 Woodward ca. 1999.
Later Rainbow clothing store, now Organic Food & Vitamin.
Flint 4333 W. Pierson Rd.
(in Meijer)
Removed late 1990s? and walled off; Meijer closed Spring 2015 and torn down
2333 S. Center Rd.
(in Meijer)
Removed, now upper level storage space
2474 W. Hill Rd.
(in Meijer)
Removed late 1990s?, section of store rebuilt as deli
G-3356 Miller Rd.*
(in BP station)
Opened and closed late 1990s (1997-99?), later part of gas station which later rebranded to Marathon.
Station reopened late 2018 as Mobil with Tim Hortons.
Genesee Valley Center, ste. #2020 Closed ca. 2005, later Blendz, now vacant
401 Martin Luther King Ave. Closed before 2007, later Mega Coney Island, now vacant
5390 N. Saginaw St. Moved to 7022 Saginaw St., became Village Party Zone October 2007; closed before 2014, vacant
7022 Saginaw St.
(in Sunoco station,
now Marathon)
Closed 2018?, now In-N-Out Chicken
Grand Haven 11240 West Olive Rd.
(in Mobil station)
Closed ca. November 2008, became Subway 2009
Grand Ledge 608 S. Clinton St. Moved to 712 E. Saginaw Hwy. ca. 2012, torn down, site vacant
Grand Rapids North Kent Mall* Opened after 1990, closed after 1997, mall torn down 2000 for Lowe's
1059 Wealthy St. SE Closed 1991, expanded and became Tillman Retail Center 2000.
Former McDonald's portion was a laundromat, other businesses occupied the expansion.
Torn down 2016, site became Forty Acres ca. 2017.
1 Monroe Center NW
(City Centre)
Closed ca. 1992, building now police headquarters
4340 Broadmoor Ave. SE Closed late 1990s?, now Arby's
145 Monroe Center NW
(McKay Tower)
Now Biggby Coffee
5531 28th St. SE
(in Meijer)
Removed late 1990s? and likely used for storage space; store torn down and rebuilt 2010
3789 Plainfield Ave. NE
(in Meijer)
Store torn down and rebuilt 2007
Eastbrook Mall* Food court removed for David's Bridal; mall torn down and rebuilt as strip
Harper Woods Eastland Center Closed ca. 2000, food court torn down 2004
Haslett 1630 Haslett Rd., ste. #1* Closed ca. 2003, now Subway.
Hamtramck 9130 Joseph Campau Ave. Closed 2016?, vacant
Hastings 1215 W. State St. Torn down ca. late 1990s and rebuilt next door
Highland Park 12857 Woodward Ave. Moved to 14124, later Classic Cafe Coney Island, now vacant
14124 Woodward Ave. Closed ca. 2018, now Captain Jay's
Hillsdale 240 W. Carleton Rd. Moved to 220 ca. late 1980s, now a doctor's office
Houghton 210 Shelden Ave. Opened 1980, moved to 1300 W. Memorial Dr. 2003.
Later a tuxedo shop, then Urban Rustics and Steep & Brew, now The Den
995 Razorback Dr.
(in Walmart)
Later Radio Grill, now Subway
Houghton Lake 3451 W. Houghton Lake Dr.
(in Walmart)
Closed before 2003, later Radio Grill.
Walmart moved 2005; portion of store which included Walmart now occupied by Dunham's Sports
3571 W. Houghton Lake Dr. Moved to 1991 W. Houghton Lake Dr. spring 2014, torn down, site vacant
Howell 2250 E. Grand River Ave. Closed 1997, was to have been torn down and rebuilt; block torn down for Aldi 2008
Inkster 27125 Cherry Hill Rd. Closed 2020, now Wavemax laundromat
Jackson 910 N. West St. Opened 1962, moved to 1105 N. West St. September 1982, now ERA Realty
2900 E. Michigan Ave. Opened 1969, moved to 3310 late 1980s, torn down by 1989 for strip
Jenison 0-550 Baldwin St.
(in Meijer)
Now store offices
Kalamazoo 100 W. Michigan Ave.
(in Hilton)
Closed ca. 1990?, later T. E. Murch's, now Zazzio's, hotel now Radisson
Western Michigan University
(Bernhard Center)
Opened 1991 in former Big Boy Express, closed May 2006, later Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express.
Taco Bell/Pizza Hut closed April 16, 2011, became Western Scoops June 2011
Became Santorini Grill 2012
2026 W. Main St. Closed before 1988, later KFC, now vacant
908 Riverview Dr. Moved to 830 ca. mid-1990s, torn down for Walgreens
830 Riverview Dr. Closed October 31, 2021, vacant
5500 W. D Ave.
(in Citgo station)
Moved to Love's truck stop across street 2020, now Subway
Lansing Lansing Mall Closed ca. 2005 when food court was rebuilt, area became Stir Fry 88 and seating
4902 S. Waverly Rd. Opened 1970s, rebuilt 1998, closed before 2007; became Munchies 2013, now vacant
709 N. Larch St.
(in Sunoco station)
Added to existing station 1999, closed ca. 2009.
Station continued to operate until 2013 when building was torn down, site vacant.
5125 W. Saginaw Hwy.
(in Meijer)
Later Subway, now vacant
6200 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
(in Meijer)
Now Subway
645 Menard Dr.
(in Sunoco station)
Now Wing Snob
Linden 8361 (8365) Silver Lake Rd.*
(in Amoco station,
now BP)
Opened 1996, moved to 603 W. Broad ca. 2000, later Speedy Subs, now vacant
Ludington 5865 US-10 Moved to 5389 early 1990s, became Family Video.
Jimmy John's added to Family Video building ca. 2010; Family Video closed 2020, Jimmy John's still open
Luna Pier 4180 Luna Pier Rd.
(in Sunoco station)
Station opened 1995 with all three restaurants.
Baskin-Robbins/Blimpie side later Blimpie/Here's the Scoop, then Paisano's Pizza.
Operated for a while with just McDonald's, which later became El Amigo Restaurant.
Station and El Amigo closed November 2006.
Reopened 2010? with Luna Kitchen in former Baskin-Robbins/Blimpie and Subway in former McDonald's.
Luna Kitchen later Blondie's Diner, now vacant again.
Subway added Noble Roman's Pizza ca. 2019.
Mackinaw City 401 E. Central Ave. Storefront location. Closed ca. 1999, later a pizzeria for a very short time; torn down for Dixie Saloon.
Was apparently the only McDonald's with seasonal hours.
Marine City 6658 S. River Rd. Closed October 31, 2021, vacant
Mason 601 N. Cedar St. Relocated ca. 2009 to 730, torn down, site vacant
Melvindale 3580 Oakwood Blvd. Moved to 4001, torn down ca. 2011 for Dollar General
Midland Midland Mall, ste. FC5 Closed January 2017, now Midland Burger Company
Monroe 2149 N. Telegraph Rd.
(in Walmart)
Likely later became Radio Grill before Walmart moved across street ca. 2005.
Portion of Walmart in which McDonald's was located now Hobby Lobby
14530 LaPlaisance Rd. Closed 2021, vacant
Mt. Morris 4314 W. Mt. Morris Rd.
(in Amoco station)
Closed shortly after station converted to BP.
Was planned to become a Taco Bell Express ca. 2004 but did not.
Has since been various other restaurants, most recently Hot Diggity Coney Island, now vacant again.
Mt. Pleasant 1119 S. Mission St. Opened ca. 1972, moved to 1804 S. Mission spring 1988, now Rightway Auto
4208 E. Blue Grass Rd.
(in Walmart)
Closed ca. 2000?, possibly later Radio Grill.
Walmart moved ca. 2010, section of building in which McDonald's was located now Jo-Ann Fabrics
Muskegon 90 W. Broadway Ave. Opened 1994, closed before 2007.
Later a rotation of short-lived eateries, including Broadway Fried Chicken, Frank's Barbeque, and Asha's Ice Cream, now vacant
700 W. Norton Ave.
(in Meijer)
Meijer store rebuilt ca. 2006
1879 E. Sherman Blvd.
(in Walmart)
Later Radio Grill, now Subway
Muskegon Mall* Opened after 1990, mall torn down 2000
122 W. Muskegon Ave. Closed May 15, 2015, vacant
Norton Shores 4190 Grand Haven Rd.
(in BP station)
Now Mr. Quick
Oak Park 26550 Greenfield Rd. Moved to 26160 fall 2015, vacant
Okemos Meridian Mall
(original food court)
Closed late 1990s, original food court removed 2002 for Schuler Books & Music
2055 W. Grand River Ave.
(in Meijer)
Now upper level storage space
Oxford 280 N. Washington St. Moved to 655 N. Lapeer Rd. ca. 2010, torn down, site vacant
Plymouth 39700 5 Mile Rd. Closed 2023, vacant
Pontiac 810 N. Perry St. Later KFC/Pizza Hut Express, now vacant
Port Huron 1125 24th St. Torn down and rebuilt ca. 2007? at 1201; old location now parking lot of new one
St. Clair County Community College
Student Center
The college gained two concept McDonald's stores in 1998: Mac's Cafe in the Student Center, and Mac's Breaktime in the main building.
Both stores sold a mix of McDonald's food and other fare, and both appear to have been removed ca. 2004 for more conventional eateries.
St. Clair County Community College
Main Building
Portage The Crossroads Moved when food court was rebuilt, now part of Pearle Vision
The Crossroads, ste. #FC2 Replacement of above store; closed 2012, vacant
5112 S. Westnedge Ave. Moved to 3320, torn down before 1985 for Midas Muffler
5121 S. Westnedge Ave.
(in Meijer)
Now upper level storage space
5432 Portage Rd. Closed November 2023, vacant
Redford 9052 Telegraph Rd. Was a Mini Mac. Closed late 1990s?, became Starbucks 2003
26930 Plymouth Rd. Moved to 25830 early 1990s?, later Village Place Coney & Grill; torn down, site vacant
14301 Telegraph Rd. Relocated to 15301 early 1990s?, now a Marathon gas station
Riverview 18580 Fort St. Opened 1969, moved to 16515 Fort in Southgate ca. 1990.
Listed as carryout-only in 1988 phone book, indicating possible downgrade to McDonald's Express.
Later Bangkok Express, then Country Kitchen (no relation to chain), then Coney Dave's.
Coney Dave's closed 2006, later Midwest Motor Sales, now Metro Shores Internal Medicine.
Rochester Hills 165 S. Livernois Rd.* Opened 1999, closed soon afterward; later Bellacino's, then Zaa! Simply Unique Pizza, now Shish Palace
Royal Oak 5150 Coolidge Hwy.
(in Meijer)
Now Subway
Saginaw 3860 Bay Rd. Built mid-1990s? as McDonald's Classic, which featured only walkup and drive-through service.
Closed before 2007, later Espresso Cafe by Java, then Walt's Express Coffee; closed March 2010, became Woody's Twisters ca. 2013
321 N. Washington Ave. Closed December 31, 2007, torn down for a parking lot
Fashion Square Mall, ste. #FC4 Opened ca. 1993 with food court; closed January 2009, became Sunshine Coney Island late 2009.
Closed 2011?, was to become Eat-a-Burger 2014 but became Two Guys Falafel instead.
Became Suvell's 2018.
Sault Ste. Marie 1107 Riverview Way Opened 1994, closed February 2013, torn down, site vacant
South Haven 201 73rd St.
(in Walmart)
Closed 2021?, vacant
Southfield 21366 W. 8 Mile Rd. Moved to 22021 W. 8 Mile in Detroit late 1990s?, later Buddha Lounge, then a car lot, now Southfield Salvage
Northland Center ste. #114 Opened ca. 1992 with food court, closed ca. 2000?, later A&W; mall closed March 2015 and torn down
29181 Northwestern Hwy. Moved to 28670, later Panchero's, now Grape Leaves. Was a strip mall location.
Sterling Heights 7251 14 Mile Rd. Moved to 32155 Van Dyke Ave. in Warren 2011, torn down, site vacant
Taylor 21037 Ecorse Rd. Moved to 21300 late 1980s?, now a Sunoco station
Southland Center Closed 2006, food court torn down for Best Buy
14640 Pardee Rd.
(in Meijer)
Opened and closed late 1990s, now storage space
Traverse City Grand Traverse Mall, ste. #535 Closed January 19, 2003, later Fasulo's Coffee, then part of Ritz Camera.
Entire former Ritz Camera space later TC Wireless, then Frannie's Follies, now vacant again.
13110 S. West Bay Shore Dr. Torn down ca. 2006, site vacant
Three Rivers 1801 N. Main St.
(in Shell station)
Later A&W, now part of station retail space; station still operational but may have closed for a time.
Trenton 1581 Van Horn Rd. Closed June 30, 2023, vacant
Troy 1200 Livernois Rd. Moved to 70 W. Maple Rd. 2013, torn down, site vacant
Warren 25141 Hoover Rd. Moved to 11631 E. 10 Mile Rd. early 1990s?, now Motor City Credit Union
5580 E. 12 Mile Rd. Moved to 28959 Mound Rd. late 1990s, later Mr. Bela's School of Cosmetology, then Best Pets, now vacant
23060 Groesbeck Rd. McDonald's Classic; closed 2015?, torn down, site vacant
Waterford 141 N. Telegraph Rd.
(in BP station)
Station and restaurant closed ca. 2014, reopened ca. 2019 with Hunt Brothers Pizza
Waters 1250 W. Marlette Rd. Opened late 1990s, closed late 2008, became The Bros Bistro ca. 2013
West Bloomfield 6753 Orchard Lake Rd. Moved to 31325 Orchard Lake in Farmington Hills ca. 1997. Later Boston Market, now Chipotle
Westland 5235 S. Merriman Rd. Moved to 31350 Michigan Ave. late 1990s?, now part of Mr. Stor-It
(U-Haul and storage company which also occupies several buildings behind the former McDonald's)
31350 Michigan Ave.
(in Amoco station,
now BP)
Opened 1997, station closed ca. 2016, restaurant closed 2018; station reopened 2021 as Shell with gas station expanded into restaurant space
1645 S. Wayne Rd. Moved to 1677, torn down for offices
Wyoming Rogers Plaza, ste. #1030* Opened after 1990, closed before 2000. Later Churro Cafe, then an Asian restaurant, now vacant
5400 Clyde Park Ave. SW
(in Meijer)
Now storage space
Ypsilanti 3825 Carpenter Rd.
(in Meijer)
Now storage space
1070 N. Huron River Dr. Closed January 2018, now Sticky Ypsi