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Thursday, 5 June 2008
picture page

sometimes life is really hard (just in general).  I know that's a cryptic statement but I don't want to get into it right now.  As always, my bike provides an escape like no other...

Elizebethtown, Kentucky. 

cute dog in a truck next to the Louisville park.  Believe it or not, I only skated while there.  I did ride the Florence park on Saturday morning and it was great.  One of my favorites.

I was on the road with the Etnies skate team last week.  All of the dudes were super cool and skated well at each stop.   This is Jose at the Bowling Green, Kentucky park.  I skated a ton here, but no bikes this day...

More Baker family coverage.  This is Clint, bombing into a lake a week ago.  He just fractured his arm on a trampoline and has to wear a cast for a couple weeks.  Get well soon, Clint!

The over/under at Baker's Acres is much more substantial than the one at Birdland!  Kelly over Clint. 

Kelly sends me some great photos but this one is just fucking amazing.  You saw it here first!

Jason Burton sent me a pic of a 270 berm that he found on the Tree Bicycle Co. website.  The Tree guys always have great ideas that people steal so I figured I might as well join the club.  I switched the 270 berm so you jump into it and roll out of it.  Duh.  I made it around first try, no problem.   The berm/jump in the top right (between the first set)  is the first jump for Birdland Stage 2.

Mike O'Bryan had an article in Dig a couple years ago about how to take a riding self-portrait.   Timing this one took a few tries and a little bit of luck, but I was really just taking runs and hitting the button on the camera before taking off was mostly incidental.  I actually captured two shots in the air, both minus my fat head. 

A scene like this in your own back yard makes the hard times a little easier....


















Posted by Deliverance Dude at 10:44 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 5 June 2008 11:13 PM EDT
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Saturday, 31 May 2008
Section 8 housing at the Super 8

kElly bAker with a man-sized transfer.   Man-hands with little people fingers.   Hammer time.  Committed to excellence.  Less is more.  This is my room with a view....



Dear Mom and Dad

  I hope this letter finds you well.  this may be the trip that puts me over the edge.  The miles are wearing me down and the endless banter is bantering endlessly.  Too much time in the company of one's self is not healthy.  I have white line fever.

The End.


Posted by Deliverance Dude at 12:27 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 31 May 2008 1:23 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 27 May 2008
TRLS in vivid black and white
Now Playing: Juno soundtrack
Trails!   People actually came over and rode!  Stunning. 

Jason Burton (left) made the trek from the Eastside and was here first, followed shortly by Sean Newton.  We worked out some kinks (like getting rid of the stupid little rollers I had built the day before) and started making it happen.   Sean took a few for the team (a couple were pretty scary) but also made the most progress throughout the day.  He left just in time for me to not take any photos of him.  The tent provided some shade, which was nice.  Tyler D is kicking back and Nick is helping Noah with the music selection.

Kyle Kling takes on the Spox.  I was most happy about how motivated Kyle was to get his (awesome) trails running after this session.

The dubs into the first turn were the first thing I built last year.  Don't ask why I would build a weird jump/turn combo for the very first thing.  It took everyone a bit to get used to but after they got it dialed, it was on.  Here, J. Burton shows how it's done (no brakes even!).

Tyler Deshaine was the last one to arrive but wasted no time making it through everything with his Austin-honed skills. 

I was tired and sore before we even rode (I worked on these things all week) but I was worked the day after.  It was great.  Photo by Jason.

Jason always provides for at least one shot reminiscent of Bicycle Motocross Action magazine.  This is my favorite pic of the day.

Noah watches as Tyler goes down in flames during a 360 attempt over the spox. 

At the end of the day, Tyler and J. manicured all the jumps to near-perfection.  Note use of the "World's Best Shovel" by Jason.  I'll explain when you come over....

The 270 berm took out everyone (including the "creator") who attempted to take it on.  Eventually, Jason and I did successfully navigate the loop a couple times and some collective brainstorming has me excited for Birdland V2. 

These guys came by on Sunday to check out the jumps.












Posted by Deliverance Dude at 10:27 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 27 May 2008 10:58 AM EDT
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Friday, 23 May 2008
Now Playing: Joy Division: Ceremony

I've dubbed the trails "Birdland" because, A. it sounds lame referring to them as "my trails" and B. there are tons of birds out there. you can spot the lips of the take-offs and landing because there is white bird poop on them.   A couple people are supposed to actually join me at Birdland saturday afternoon.  give me a call or e mail if you're in the area.  

         My friend Lurch sent me this link.  DISCLAIMER: if you are under 30, you may not appreciate it.  There are some truly amazing photographs in here.   This is what it's all about to me.  In fact, there is a drawing of a track on here that inspired me to draw the birdland diagram.  I used always draw dream tracks as a kid.   

        This was bound to surface eventually.  I'll leave it up to you figure out the truly incriminating part.

Posted by Deliverance Dude at 10:24 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 21 May 2008
garden of eatin

I've been meaning to post for a few days but real life has been standing in the way of innernet  tomfoolery.

    Davey Coop and I went to the Have Fun @ Ray's event on saturday.  Didn't seem so much like an "event" as a really fun session at Rays.  It was awesome to ride there during the day with some natural light coming in through the windows.  This is going to sound corny (big stretch, huh?), but after one especially good run through the big box loop, I was so stoked that tears actually welled up in my eyes.  Like I said, corny.   I met an older dude named Jeff from Albany and we were BSing outside.  He told me that he had quit riding and started again a bunch of times.  He said he couldn't find anything to replace BMX in his life.  Preaching to the choir on that one.

        It was good to see old friends and make new ones.   Kerry Sayre closed up shop at Rise Above but is stepping right back into the game at Chenga 57.   Catfish was there and in high spirits as always.  I love that kid, for reals though.  I'll call him "kid" because all the DK dudes he's in charge of call him "Grandpa".  Ha ha.   Speaking of old dudes, I met "Old Man Brian" and his kid from Chi-town.  Brian has a few years on me even and was shredding.  I was inspired.  In a weird coincidence, my friend Jeff V was asking me just a few days earlier if I knew a guy named "OMD or OMB or Old Man something" that had just been spotted in Indiana.  I didn't then, but I do now.  Weird, small world stuff.  Am I rambling?

    I was having too much fun riding to get my camera out, but here's a photo of Davey that Mike O'Bryan took a couple years ago in Lansing.

I happened to be there that day and Davey didn't quite make it all the way down, but that is one long ass rail.  I think it was the same day that I saw him man-handle a big, steep rail (in the middle of a casual, cruising street session).  Good on ya mate.

           The Lightning Bolts show that I linked to the other week happened in Beijing on May 9.    My submission is on page 9.  Here's a shot of it that I took before shipping it out.

I'm guessing you probably didn't make it to the show (I didn't even know what day it was--ha ha), so here's the little bio that I sent with it.


    I started racing BMX in 1977.  My parents split up around the same time and riding bikes became my escape from the reality of a troubled home life.   I became completely obsessed with BMX bikes, riders, magazines and anything related to the activity.  Bicycle Motocross Action magazine was brand new at the time and was my bible.  Shortly into the second year of the magazine, Bob Haro's work began to appear in the form of custom number plates and numbers on the bikes of the factory riders.  Everything changed right then.  Number plates were no longer just a space to display your number for scoring reference.  Number plates were now an art form.  When Bob's "freestyle" riding started becoming more regular in the magazine, it had similar effect on the way BMX riding was perceived.  It too, had become a new art form and means of expression.   BMX was no longer just racing around a track as fast as you could.  Sure, jumping and doing tricks had always been a big part of BMX, but Haro made it legitimate.  Haro made trick riding important.     

      I first saw Bob Haro ride in person in 1981.   It was a life changing experience.  His style, grace and technique were like nothing I had ever seen (even to this day). 

     I am still obsessed with BMX and Bob Haro is still impacting my obsession

      I guess it's always been the same for me. Ha ha.   Currently, I'm dealing with the stresses of every day life by digging in the dirt.  I've vowed to not unveil photos of my trails until I feel they are fully operational, but we'll just say that my wife's dream of having a backyard garden is helping to fuel a dream/nightmare that I'm incorporating into the trails.  I put my dirt tires back on for real moto action.

   I set up lights for the graveyard shift the last few nights and it's interesting to go out there the next day to actually see what I built.  Come over and ride sometime, why don't ya?









Posted by Deliverance Dude at 10:44 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 21 May 2008 11:14 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 14 May 2008
it's not stealing it's borrowing
I loved this photo so much that I took it right off the Terrible One site...

Joe Rich is one of my favorites, ever.  Look at how sick that is!

    Also, this is kind of cool...


Posted by Deliverance Dude at 5:41 PM EDT
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the children are the futre
Now Playing: whitney houston?
Here is a rad shot of FOD Tyler Britchard on his motorbike:

And here's one of Benny Baker, nosin' it in on home turf.

Rad sons of rad fathers.  The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Here's another FOD, but he's a grown ass man.  Mike Hammond in the Pacific NW, hitting some big ones on a Diamond Back prototype.  Makes my trails look like a R/C car track! 




Posted by Deliverance Dude at 12:36 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 14 May 2008 12:41 PM EDT
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Monday, 12 May 2008
core conditioning
Now Playing: shout out louds: Very Loud

Another crazy week of travel and madness.  Met up with the Gypsy Caravan crew, just for the night, in Athens, Ohio.   Between frequent rainstorms and an extended visit to the ER with FOD Joel Barnett (he is one tough mofo--it was so gnarly watching him get his lip sewn back together), not much riding got done and it was a fairly uneventful meeting for me.  The FBM guys have a different tale to tell, but to be honest, I'm sure I'm better off having escaped their debauchery, although there is no doubt in my mind that it was a kick ass time.  The rain sucked for my entire drive  home and cancelled two skatepark stops I had pencilled in.  However, upon my return the soil was wet and ready for digging.  I know it's boring to talk about my trails all the time, but they are really taking shape.  I've been working really hard on them.  It is a lot of work but I can feel myself getting stronger (and maybe a little less fat) and I ain't mad about that.   I rode them tonight and the first few runs were pretty rough.   When you rebuild lips and make everything bigger, you just don't know what to expect.   Still no visitors, which is my own fault, I suppose.  I heard that one time Kzoo local/employee Andy Dowdy has been back on his bike and even checks this site.  Andy, send me an e mail!

      Here's an amazing photo of super local Tyler Deshaine, taken by super photog Sean McNewton. 

That is just plain nutty... 

       This was supposed to be top secret, but since there is an article about it on BMX Online, I guess I can mention it now.   I'll post a pic of my submission later on, after the show.... 


Posted by Deliverance Dude at 9:47 PM EDT
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Monday, 5 May 2008
kicking ass or kissing ass?

I logged some miles last week, I tell you.  I got lots of work done, met up with some gypsies, hung out with Ernesto from Dans and  his wife, talked to Jimmy Levan for awhile and even got to ride my bike (and skateboard).  Besides being away from my family (which sucks) these are the kind of things that make my crazy job worth it...

Cameron Wood and James Levan at the Shitluck anniversary party.  Jimmy is doing really well and almost fully recovered from his terrible accident a few months back.  Cam gave me a copy of the 50-50 video, That's It.  It is friggin' awesome.  The Metal video, Dead Bang is great too.  I keep meaning to write about it.  The amount of bloodshed is unsettling, but it's a great watch otherwise.

Ernesto and a sharply dressed Ryan Metro at the Shitluck gig.  Metro is a funny dude.

Clancy Baker?

Following Ernesto's Subaru into Louisville for a fun session at the Louisville Extreme Park (that's really what it's called).   It was early Saturday morning and Darrel Nau from Blacken was already going strong after a long night.  Darrel is a true individual and it was super fun to ride with him.

Bad photo of a rad kid.  Mickey Marshall is so good.   This was a backyard ramp session in Ft Wayne, Indiana.  Better pics later somewhere?

   I met a bunch of new people on this trip.  One of them was the subject of one of my favorite photos of the last few years (Keith Terra took it for Dig)...

John "Superfly" Skvarla is super cool.  It's always weird/awkward to meet someone that you only know about from BMX magazines and videos.  In fact, Superfly's Super BMX video, Live For Today is one I got a few months ago (based on an Afro Pat recommendation) and it is a really good mix of trails, trips and good times.  Anyway, Superfly is right on and oddly enough, I got the new Ride BMX mag today and he has a two-page spread in there.  Kick ass.  Did I kiss enough ass in this post?  

Fro sent me a link to a nice video taken at the crazy pool that he, Hatfield and Dan Closser found in late '06.














Posted by Deliverance Dude at 10:25 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 5 May 2008 11:08 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 29 April 2008
my apologies to Mr. Honda

Am I a kook for taking this photo?

How about for posting it on the internet?   My apologies to Mr. Honda for butchering his creation.  Is that dirt on those tires?  If I ask questions in this blog would they be considered hypothetical?  Or just retarded?

     The trails are running pretty well.  The spox is super fun.  I can't wait for someone to hit it who can do some tricks.  It's ready for it.   Maybe Davey Coop or Solan?  I heard from both of those dudes today and I'm stoked.   I've definitely been flying solo on the BMX front around these parts of late.  It's okay, I like riding by myself.  I'm hitting the road in the morning and hopefully I'll get to ride Louisville and maybe a couple other spots.  Skate some stuff too.  I've really been into skateboarding lately.

       I got this coffee cup the other day.  The Gonz is one of my biggest inspirations.  Surprised?



Posted by Deliverance Dude at 9:38 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 29 April 2008 9:46 PM EDT
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