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Having a Birthday Party?

We can schedule a birthday celebration at China Chef.  If you have 4 or more people to reserve a table or a group of people to reserve a room, we can schedule it for you.  If you like to have a surprise birthday party catered, we will cater for you.  Give us a call and we will be at your service.  If you come in on your birthday, let the waitstaff know that its your or your companion's birthday, and we can give you a little birthday surprise the behalf of China Chef. 

Having an Anniversary coming up?

Is your anniversary coming soon and don't know where to go to celebrate?  Bring you and your spouse to China Chef.  For family of 4 or more, we can reserve a table for your anniverary party, or if your party is a large group, we can also schedule to reserve a room.  We can also cater to your anniversary party, give us a call or fax and we can make catering arrangements. 

China Chef can help you celebrate your baby shower

If you are having a baby on the way and like to have a place to celebrate for your baby shower, we can hold a room for your large group and specifying the number of guests for lunch or dinner.  Give us a call or fax to schedule your baby shower.  If your baby shower needs to be catered, we can also cater the baby shower for you.  Call or fax us your order and we can make arrangements to cater for you.