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China Chef

Welcome to our Delivery

For substitutions and additional items.

  • We do not allow any substitutions. Additional items will have additional charges.


  • Can deliver anytime during restaurant hours
  • Deliver to the Marshfield area.
  • Deliver to select areas outside of the city (please specify the location before ordering to help us find your location and for approval of delivery)..
    We also can deliver far east on Hiway 10 to Stadt Road including east on the northeast side of Marshfield.  For the people in the village of Hewitt, we have delivered to the customers there, we have setted up a meeting place at Mid-State Truck for those who live in Hewitt.  Please specify by the Mid-State Truck sign in Marshfield if you live in Hewitt.  We will call you so we can meet you there.
    We also can deliver far south to Richfield Drive in the Township of Richfield.
    We also can deliver far north on County E to Sugarbush area including the subdivisions north of McMillan Street.
    We also can deliver far north on Hiway 97 to Belvedere Supper Club area. We also can deliver far west to County B from County H, County Y, and County BB.
    (the outside of city limits areas are weather permitting. Additional delivery charge
    will be added pending on how far out of the city you are located).
    (disclaimer:  Areas outside of Marshfield may be subject to change)

Places we deliver to.

  • Residents
  • Businesses
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hotels, Motels, and Inns

Tips upon your order

  • state name
  • state location, include department for businesses and/or suite/conference/apt room number
  • State certain time if you want your delivery at a certain time or we will deliver your meal(s) as soon as possible (allow 15 to 20 minutes for delivery).
  • Phone number to reach you

Place an Order during restaurant hours Central Time Zone

  • Contact us at (715) 384-9004
  • Fill out Order Form while browsing, print the form when you are completed with your order, and Fax the order to us at (715) 384-7913 and call us at (715) 384-9004 to verify your order
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