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China Chef

Welcome to our Catering

For substitutions and additional items.

  • We do not allow any substitutions. Additional items will have additional charges.


  • Can cater anytime during restaurant hours
  • Best to let us know a day ahead
  • Cater to the Marshfield area. Have catered to Stevens Point area.
    (If your catered event is in Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, or Neilsville,
    Please ask for approval before placing your order.)
  • Cater to select areas outside of the city (please specify the location of your event before ordering).

Events we cater to.

  • Conferences and Conventions
  • Pharmacuticals and Reps
  • Graduation Parties
  • School and University events
  • Special Events, Reunions, and Ocassions
  • Church events
  • Military events

(Please specify chafers, if you like us to use them at your location.)

Tips upon your order

  • state name
  • state location of event, include department for businesses and/or suite/conference room number
  • Approximate number of guests attending
  • State the time when you want your catered order to arrive.
  • Phone number to reach you

Place an Order during restaurant hours Central Time Zone

  • Contact us at (715) 384-9004
  • Fill out Order Form while browsing, print the form when you are completed with your order, and Fax the order to us at (715) 384-7913 and call us at (715) 384-9004 to verify your order
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