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China Chef

Welcome to our Drinks

For substitutions and additional items.

  • We do not allow any substitutions. Additional items will have additional charges.


  • Can be served anytime
  • Available for Dine-in
  • Non-Alchohol Beverages available for Delivery and Togos
    Specify the quantity and Beverages in the description area on your order form. Do not put in the price until you have contacted
    us for availability.  We will calculate the price for you due to
    prices vary.

Kinds of drinks we have to offer.

(Any items may change due to availablity)

  • Softdrinks
    * Coke and Pepsi Products
    (ontap and canned soda)
  • Juices
    * Fresh Orange Juice
  • Milk Products
    * Fresh Milk
    * Fresh Cold Chocolate Milk
    * Fresh Hot Chocolate Milk
  • Latees
    * Green Tea
    * Mango
    * Almond
  • Teas
    * Fresh Green Tea
    * Fresh Raspberry Iced Tea
  • Coffees
    * Fresh Coffee
    * Fresh Decaf Coffee
  • Imported Liguor and Wines
    * Plum Wine (Chinese Wine)
    * Saki (Chinese Liquor)
    * Tanquery
    * All other best imported liquor and wines
  • Specialty Wines
    * Pinot Noir
    * Merlot
    * Chardonay Savignon
    * White Zinfandel
    * All other special wines
    * Ask for our wine list when you
  • Imported Beer
    * Tsingtao (Chinese Beer)
    * Corona (Mexican Beer)
  • Special Mixed Drinks
    * Ask for our mix drink specials when
    you dine-in
Item No Desc Price
(Leave Blank) (Qty #, name of Beverage or key mixed sodas) (leave blank)

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