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China Chef

Welcome to our Desserts

For substitutions and additional items.

  • We do not allow any substitutions. Additional items will have additional charges.


  • Can be served anytime.
  • Available for Dine-in, Delivery, and Togos

Kind of desserts we have to offer.

  • Fresh Almond Cookies
    (4 cookies per order,
    tasty almond cookie with a
    split almond ontop)
  • Fried Bananas
    (8 fresh battered bananas rolled
    in sugar)
  • Sesame Balls
    (8 fresh rolled dough in
    sesame seeds with a very tasty
    filling inside)
  • Chinese Biscuits
    * New Item
    (Made fresh Chinese style
    10 fried biscuits tossed in
    granulated sugar)

Item No Desc Price
DSRT-ALMDC Almond Cookies 1.50
DSRT-FRDBAN Fried Bananas 3.75
DSRT-SESBLS Sesame Balls 3.95
DSRT-CHBSCT Chinese Biscuits 3.95

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