Zombie Nachos Recipe

A number of you have been emailing me regarding official Zombie Nachos nachos. The answer to this question is: well duh. So heres the recipe!

You will need:

Tostitos Light Restaurant Style Chips: Now, before you jump down my throat about how a website certified butal and fat have a nachos recipe that includes light chips, remember this: i watch a metric shitton of zombie films, and i cannot afford to be consuming 1800 calories at the end of my day every day. So, you cut some calories, and chips are the place to do it. There's a difference between brutal fattery and morbid obeisity.

97% fat free lean ground turkey: This actually isn't an example of me cutting calories, The ground turkey meat actually tastes better in nacho form than ground beef. The lack of heart clogginosity is just a bonus.

Sargento's Bistro Cheddar salsa and tomato and jalapeno pepper cheese: This product literally screams "put me on nachos muthafuck" so i did. Who can say no to such a gansta cheese?

A finely shreaded blend of mexican cheese is a must for any nachos.

When selecting a jalapeno pepper, it is important that they are not there just to add heat, but a full, bold flavor. I find that Mt. Olives has a nice blend of both.

Spice Club Taco Seasoning: I dont have any brand loyalty here. Any package of taco seasoning will do.

1. Pre heat your oven to 500 hundred degrees. (thats 260 for you Canadian zombie fans)

2. Take some tin foil and foil and roll up the edges and place on a baking sheet. Place a layer of chips in the makeshift bowl, as shown:

3. Sprinkle a layer of mexican cheese followed by a layer of bistro cheese over the chips as shown:

4. Place the beef in a frying pan. cover it in taco seasoning:

5.Brown the beef:

6. Sprinkle the beef on top of the nachos:

7. Place another layer of nacho chips on top of the first layer of nachos:

8. Repeat with as many layers of nachos as desired, when the final layer is achieved, sprinkle some more bistro cheese over the beef, and top off with delicios jalapeno peppers:

9. Place in the heated oven for 7-12 minuntes, making sure all cheese is melted. take out nachos, and enjoy with a good zombie film.