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Tom's Woodshop

Since 1967


Personalized wooden keyholders

Neat personal gifts for : Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Boss, Kids (to put on their book-bags), Aunt, Uncle, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Co-worker, etc...
Great stocking stuffers.

*Handcrafted from SELECT KILN-DRIED MICHIGAN HARDWOOD, Sanded smooth, and given a lacquered finish.

*If you can spell it, we can make it!

*Your order
will be custom made
and shipped to you.

when we receive your order and payment!

*Prices are : 2 to 4 letters=$3.95

5 to 10 letters=$5.95
*Additional letters are $.50 each
*Hearts are $1.00 each

double style with hearts=


CRYSTAL =$5.95

JIMMY =$5.95

with 2 hearts =$2.00


Hearts can be added to any name!

Hearts are $1.00 each.

*Shipping charges are :

* U.S., Canada, Mexico =$1.50

*All other Countries=$3.00

Shipping charge is for any amount of Keyholders-NOT for EACH Name but any amount!

*U.S. funds only in money orders or cashiers checks

*Mail order and payment -(PLEASE - PRINT CLEARLY)

TO: Tomswoodshop
P.O. Box 131
Sanford, Mi. 48657