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Thanks for visiting Victorian Rose Rag Rugs! For many years my family has enjoyed the warmth and charm of handmade rag rugs, and has passed down for three generations the know-how of making them.

These beautiful rugs are truly an art! Much like the carousel horse, the rugs I make are not only pleasing to see but fun, too! Each rug is unique, just like the handmade carousel horses of long ago. You CAN go to a store and buy a machine-made rug, but it isn't the same.

Pictured on this site are examples of my work, and you will find my prices to be quite reasonable for a completely handmade, custom rug that's made to order for your home. I can make a rug in whatever colors you'd like, for any room of your home. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or for more information. Thank you again for stopping by, and come again soon



I use all cotton blend material, which is machine washable and lasts for years. These rugs wear well, and look nice on any floor surface. I do three basic rug shapes: oval, round, or rectangular. All styles mentioned below can be done in any of these shapes. I also have rugs for sale, e-mail me for pictures af rugs currently available sent right to your computer!


This is an example of an oval runner done in two solids and one print. I can do this with three solids as well.
This is an example of a round rug done in one solid and one print, a two color style. I can also do this with two solid colors.
This is an example of a rug done in a four color style. I can also do this with four solid colors.

I can also make rugs of all one print or all one solid color.


Rug prices vary with the size of the rug at $7 per square foot, feel free to contact me with the size of rug you'd like for further cost information.



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