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Another trip to.....

{Click on the image above to visit the Toy House website}

Took another friend to Toy House in my quest for the perfect seat for Josh :) Phil is really an awesome person to talk to re: carseat stuff, too. It's refreshing to find someone at a baby store who REALLY knows what they're talking about!

Salesclerk got a few points too - she wheeled the dolly carrying my purchase to the van, and was overjoyed when I told her I could put it in myself. Apparently she's installed more than one from her comment of "good - those are heavy!"

William RF's again

William's 18.5 months now, 24.25#, 34.5 inches. He's halfway between the top and middle slots of his RA, cover on.

My friend's son Tommy and Josh were on the back bench, and William wanted to be part of the fun. So I turned him back RF and took the headrest off his seat so he could see better. I also reclined the back of the seat a smidge to help him with legroom.

Once we got home, I turned him back FF - he's really getting too long in the leg to be comfortable, and DH is happier being able to see him in the rearview if he starts fussing. He's at the size where he really could go either way.

(Yes, his harness is too loose, and chest clip too low - I'd stuck him in his seat to corral him while installing the SE - took the pic then tightened him up!)


Tommy is the proud new owner of Josh's outgrown Futura overhead. He turns 3 on 7/7, and is around 35#. He has been riding in a Century Breverra Classic that his mom wanted to replace. His mom is looking for a car that will most likely have only lap belts, and there are times that he's around people who aren't the savviest when it comes to carseat safety (ie tight harnesses, untwisted straps, etc). For her this was probably the best choice - I took her along to show her the Laptop, but she decided she really preferred him in a harness with some side support.

***Note - On the way home I realized that Tommy's harness should have been in the lower slots - the cover had slipped down on the seat so it seemed like the top were fine when we left this morning.


After a LOT of debating/loss of sleep/pestering of friends, Josh has a new seat!

I had been given the ultimatum - this is the LAST seat I can buy for the boys. I need something that will work for Josh now, and for William when he outgrows his RA. Josh has outgrown his Futura, and I wasn't overly fond of it anyway.

Spent a good 15-20 minutes going over options with Phil, and having Josh try our 4 choices again (Super Elite, StarRiser/Comfy, Roadster, and Komfort Rider GTX). All 4 are VERY nice seats, but we decided that the Super Elite was going to be our most versatile option. Not knowing if William will be mature enough to handle a seat without a harness was a BIG factor in the decision. Heck - some days JOSH isn't mature enough to handle a bpb, and he's been riding in one occasionally for 2.5 years!

Sizewise, Josh has plenty of grow room. I once again misjudged when I set his harness up - I moved the straps up to the third slots and they really should be in the second. He's just below the edges with the cover on, and having the harness in the higher slots REALLY chafed his neck.

As far as size goes - I THINK I'll be able to fit 3 across the bench in my van if necessary IF it's moved up to the middle position where the rear armrest/storage cubbies won't intrude. On one side would have to be a RF RA, the other either a narrow booster or no booster for Josh (thinking a year or two down the road - nobody freak!)

A nice thing I read in the directions is that once the top harness slots are reached, the SE *CAN* be used until either the top of the ears are even with the top of the shell OR the child is 80# (whichever comes first). That also helped reassure me that this was the "best" option. While it may not last Josh QUITE as long as a StarRiser would have heightwise, he DOES have RightFits as backup seats that should take him through until he's boosterless.

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