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Injection Oil Pressure Sensor Mod
Injection oil pressure is proportional to fuel pressure. By placing a resistor in parallel with the sensor, you trick the PCM into thinking the pressure is lower, so it will compensate by increasing oil pressure. Do not confuse this with your lubricating oil pressure, these are two different galleys. This increase in oil pressure will increase the fuel pressure at given time. Not all people have luck with this mod, but it is worth a shot. Most people use a 10k ohm resistor commonly found at radio shack. Soldering very thin wire, 30 gauge, you can shove the wire into the sensor leads. Doing it this way is a fast way to install/remove without anyone knowing. If you are satisfied with the results, splice in the resistor. The sensor is a three wire sensor. Leave the brown wire alone, splice into the other two wires. With the key on, and engine OFF, the two will read very close to 0 volts with a volt meter. You may experience a rough idle with this mod. If 10k doesn't work, try a larger value. Have Fun!

Idle Pressure Regulator Shimming
Idle fuel pressure is controlled by a regulator located on the side of the fuel filter housing(94-97 PSD). There is a large 19mm brass bolt covering a spring and a "plug" for lack of a better word. Be careful when removing the bolt so the spring does not get lost. The fuel pressure can be increased by shimming the spring or preferably buying the Ford fuel regulator spring kit, part number F6TZ-9K061-AA. If not, when you remove the spring, use a magnet to remove the "cap" that the spring fits into. Place a BB from a toy gun or a ball bearing measuring roughly 0.180". When it is all reassembled, you should merasure the fuel pressure at idle. The fuel pressure can be measured cheaply and some what accurately by using a tire pressure guage thats goes to at least 125 psi. You will spray diesel fuel everywhere, so use a rag when using this method. The shrader valve next to the 19mm brass bolt is where you measure fuel pressure. It should measure 85 psi at idle. For a more proffesional set up, remove the shrader valve and plumb 1/8 NPT fittings to be able to attach a true fuel guage. You can cap it with a 1/8 NPT plug when finished. (Pictures to follow)

Self-made propane injection system
Coming soon...

99 intercooler install onto 97 truck
So far i have only installed the intercooler but have not finished plumbing the pipes. If anyone is interested in the work so far, give me an email. i can tell you so far, this is not a job for the weak hearted.

IDM voltage mod
Some friends of mine from California mentioned something about increased throttle response because of different IDM models. Well after some miscommunication, I began tinkering with circuitry of the IDM and increased the voltage applied to the injectors from 118 to 140. It noticably increases throttle response and we will soon verify it with a dyno test. In my truck I can light the tires around a corner when before i couldn't. I do not know the consequences to the injectors at this point but am persuing this right now. As soon as I know, i will post the cons. My opinion is that it reduces injector life, but by how much i do not know. I have been in contact with an ex-engineer from CAT that designed these injectors. Luckily, he lives 20 miles from my house and is interested in this mod. We are going to setup a time to meet and test my trick to see if injectors heat up or not. After further talking, we think since the injectors are sort of liquid cooled with oil and fuel, temps would not get above oil temp.

Its been a while since I have logged on. About a year has passed and to this date I have not found any negative side effects. Here are some pictures showing the IDM mod on the dyno in my truck. A few things i should explain first. One, this is a Mustang dyno. Two, they screwed up calculating my RPMs so the horsepower number are way off. I calculated RPMs and horsepower myself. Three, i am setting off check engine lights because i am running out of oil pressure to the injectors. I do not know how much power i lost because of this, but i wanted to state that. With mod Without mod

EOT sensor mod(for manuals only)
This mod comes from a certain mechanic at a certain dealership in Michigan. I have not personnaly tried this mod since i do not know anyone with a manual, but i here it is amazing. Automatics do not try it. Your trans gets effected by this mod and you will not be able to place this HP to the wheels. The PCM dumps more fuel when the engine oil temp is cold. By placing a 90k resistor across the sensor leads instead of the sensor, you trick the engine into thinking its cold. It will cause the glow plugs to turn on, but if you wire the resistor to a switch, you can also shut off the glow plug realy at the same time. Give me an email for more info.
More on EOT sensor mod
All though I have never witnessed this mod, people are discussing a variant of the above EOT sensor mod. I am hearing this new mod is possible with autos. To perform this trick, instead of replacing the sensor with a resistor, you splice a resistor in series with the sensor. Start around 1k and work your way up in increments of about 500 ohms. Word is best results are around 4-5k. When I get a chance to this mod, I will let you know.

IDM mod
The IDM is a module that controls the injectors based on what the PCM tells it. The PCM will tell it which injector to fire, when to fire and for how long. These injectors need a lot of power to turn them and keep them on. Inside the IDM, a high voltage of over 100V is created. After talking to some friends, i started tinkering with the IDM and found away to adjust some characteristics of the IDM so that the injectors fire about 100 microseconds faster and that much longer. You can do the math to find out how many degrees this is at any RPM, and i can tell you that it is about 3-10% more fuel depending on RPM and load. Unfortunately this is a mod that not everyone can do because of special tools needed. Email me and we can discuss this further.

EBP/MAP sensors mod
The EBP sensor (exhaust back pressure) measures just that, exhaust back pressure. If it gets too high, the engine will back off on the amount of fuel. The MAP (manifold air pressure) measures the amount of boost and adds fuel as it gets higher. EBP will always read higher pressure so the idea is to connect the MAP to the exhaust to read a higher reading. this will cause the a lot more fuel to dump much faster. I have not tried this mod myself, but the people who have say it is amazing. The EBP sensor can be found next to where the heater core hose plugs into the water pump just behind a belt pully. It is a three wire sensor that plugs into a metal tube that runs to the exhaust manifold. I think it is an ANC fitting on the end of it. using a "T" fitting, plumb a line to the MAP sensor. You will need to add a brass filter inline because soot may clog the MAP sensor. Plug the old MAP hose somehow. You probably want to keep the boost gauge reading intake boost though. If you are a real adventurer, plug the EBP snesor where the MAP used to be and you will get even a bigger improvement.