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Plastic Cowboy Model Trucks December 2002 Page Six

With Ertl reissuing more old AMT truck kits, the most recent being the late 70's early 80's Kenworth K100 Aerodyne, we have endless possibilities by kitbashing, some resin parts, conversions and a little creativity.

Take 2 fresh AMT K100 kits, and junked built-up (glue-bomb) K123, some resin accessories, a resin conversion cab and some quality time with the workbench, and you end up with

A box-stock KW Aerodyne with multistripes

The camera fuzzed up my stripes. They really are crisper than this!

The K100 was built in 1999, and I just repaired it after it was knocked off a shelf.

A K123 daycab in red/orange

The K123 was a nasty mess. The cab was slathered in glue, chassis destroyed.

A late 80's Marmon 110 cabover

The Marmon 110 is from Frank Gortsema Conversions, and with simple modifications fits the K100's chassis beautifully.

The Marmon isn't finished. It's missing several items such as nameplates, mudflaps, taillights, and other details.

I had hoped to have it finished for the December update.

The KW's frame was shortened, the rear cab mount was turned around, and moved rearward. The air cleaner and battery box were reversed from side to side (reworking of the pipes too).

The Marmon's resin in nice and smooth.

The cab's resin is thick, so you will have to grind some of the inner surface away for the door glass to seat in place.

The Marmon has modified mural graphics from the Italeri Peterbilt 377 kit. The name on the doors is "IRR Co." Iron Road Rebel Company. Toolboxes are from RNK Conversions (

This view shows the 3 tractors, and the variations in the stacks. The K123 daycab has polished aluminum tubing straight pipes.

The K123 was built to look like a just-restored 1969 drom tractor.

I used several etched metal items on the K123, including nameplates on the cab, and the trim around this kit nameplate on the rear (Model Car Garage items). A Spaulding Trading and Shipping etched metal eagle graces the bumper.

The rectangular tool boxes are from RNK Conversions. The flat deck is made from Evergreen styrene. Don Mills Tread Plate for the deck plating.

I really enjoying all three of these kits.

Thanks to Rick Mark for his assistance.

~ Tim Ahlborn


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