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Plastic Cowboy Model Trucks - August 2002 Page Five

Here's a group of trucks from LSDIMages

Peterbilt Conventional.

International Transtar II Cabover


Ron's truck stop just received a shipment of new Peterbilt 378's! That must be the salesmanager overseeing things on the far left.


All this truck needs is a tanker, a ticked-off driver and a red Plymouth Valient! Christian Gottschlich's Duel Movie Peterbilt 351.

Christian used a reissued AMT/Ertl 1976 Peterbilt 359, backdated the cab, narrowed the hood, radiator and other parts to make the older early 1960's Pete.


Looking down the snoot of my Peterbilt 346 mixer. Only 10 of the real 346's were built.

MORE PICS TO COME! Stay tuned!


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