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Harvest Moon

These are the comic searies based on the not-so-popular video game Harvest Moon. Although its a comic about the farming game the comic is alot different and is more based on the charicters from the game than farming. These comics can be seen at The Harvest Moon Comic and Crystal Mist Comics
Alright, these comics are a little different from Tony's. First off is that my comics are made on the computer, Tony's are drawn. Then there is the way to read them, my comics start from the left top corner and go to the left, NOT DOWN! If you are looking for Tony's version of the Harvest Moon comics, go here then click on Tony's HM Comics or Tony's STH Comics. Alright on with the comics!

Season One

I Enherited THIS?!- Jack Inherits his farm
The Bartender of Mineral Town- Jack Meets Karen
Rivalry For Karen- Jack meets his new rival. Kai.
The Ocean is an Oceany Place- Jack wakes up to find he isnt where he fell asleep at.
Gotta Make It Home- Jack decides to swim for shore.
Karen To The Rescue- It turns out Karen sees Jack in the water. Can she save Jack from the sharks?

Season 2- The Flower Fetsilal

A week of Slacking Off-After a week of Slacking off Jack gets started working on his farm, with the Mayor there yelling at him every step of the way.
Just Blame Kai-After Jack is told he can't go to the Flower Festival, Kai admits he is the one to blame.
Fight for your Festival Rights!- Free For All with Kai and Jack!
Jail Time- After the pitchfork incident Jack is sent to Jail.
The Flower Festival-The day of the Festival has finnally arrived! Jack cant attend because he has community service, but can he go on the date with Karen afterwards?
Missing Children-Up, the salesman was Kai whuddya know!

Season 3- Struggles of Kai

For the Life of Jack- Jack is still knocked out from the apple. And...
Bring down the City Boy-Kai chants something and Jack wakes up... but hes different somehow
Harvest Moon EVIL DEAD- If youve seen the movie EVIL DEAD, the name says it all!
Identifying a Body- The Evil Dead curse ends when a body is identifyed...
Rapist Tree's- Unfortunatley, some of the curse is still there.
Zombie Karen- Rapist Tree's can turn you into zombies...

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