Best Picture and Best Director winner of the 1995 Acamedy Awards

It's all for nothing if you don't have freedom.

Sophie Marceau

The king will be dead in a month and his son is a weakling. Who do you think is going to rule this kingdom?

Why do you help me?
Because of the way you are looking at me now.

To LongshanksYou see? Death comes to us all. But before it comes to you, know this: your blood dies with you. A child who is not of your line grows in my belly. Your son will not sit long on the throne. I swear it.

Catherine McCormack

I love you. Always have. I want to marry you.

I'm dreaming.
Yes, you are. And you must wake, William.
I don't want to wake. I want to stay here with you.

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow 'er.

Mel Gibson

In the year of our lord thirteen fourteen,
patriots of Scotland, starving and outnumbered,
charged the fields of Bannockburn.
They fought like warrior poets.
They fought like Scotsmen.
And won their freedom.

I will tell you of William Wallace. Historians will call me a liar, but history is written by those who've hanged heroes.

Lower your flags and march straight back to England,
stopping at every home to beg forgiveness for
a hundred years of theft, rape, and murder.
Do this and your men shall live.
Do it not, and every one of you will die today.

I'm Not Finished

Before we let you leave, your commander must cross that field, present himself before this army, put his head between his legs, and kiss his own arse.

Him? That can't be William Wallace. I'm prettier than this man.
Alright Father, I'll ask him.
If I risk my neck for you, will I get a chance to kill Englishmen?
Is your father a ghost, or do you converse with the Almighty?
In order to find his equal, an Irishman is forced to talk to God.
Yes, Father.
The Almighty says don't change the subject; just answer the fucking question.
The answer is yes. Fight for me, you get to kill the English.

Sons of Scotland, I am William Wallace.
William Wallace is 7 feet tall.
Yes, I've heard. He kills men by the hundreds, and if he were here he'd consume the English with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse. I am William Wallace, and I see a whole army of my countrymen here in defiance of tyranny. You have come to fight as free men, and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight?

Go back to England and tell them there that Scotland's daughters and sons are yours no more. Tell them Scotland is free.


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