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More from Luis Mendonca: Pulse Combustion

September 11, 2001

We just received the following project update by Luis Mendonca including more drawings. For more information contact him through his email.

Mon Sep 10 17:42:25 2001

Hi. Here are some of my ideas of pulse combustion chambers (the complicated ones, now they are much more simple). I will be glad to know that some one will use this ideas. If any questions...just ask.

Luis Mendonša 


Mon Sep 10 18:18:23 2001

More to come... I will scan my pictures of more 2 Tesla turbines running on water vapor at 10 bar and 150 degrees c, on the power stand at the Coimbra Engineer University


Project1.jpg (65225 bytes)

Projectt.jpg (65678 bytes)

Pulsodep.jpg (51669 bytes)


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