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A society is democratic only to the extent that its people are equal.
In the U$... "the top 1% of wealth holders control 39% of total household wealth, whereas the bottom 80% control only 15%."
And... "U$ CEO's earn on average 475 times what factory workers do."

For a quick statement of the problem and a glance
toward possible solutions, click
My Country Tis of Thee

The U$ is the greatest exporter of terrorism in the world.
Noted journalist and U$ critic William Blum can supply you with the proof.
Rogue State           Killing Hope

Just how did this system come to be
in the land of the free and home of the brave?
Who were our founding fathers
and what private purposes did they have in mind
when establishing our government?
Jerry Fresia has carefully researched all of these questions
in his book:
Toward an American Revolution

We hope the following links will help in your quest for empowerment and democracy.

Poverty & Hunger
Food First
Food not Bombs
Action: Ending Poverty and Hunger
Poverty Related Links
World Hunger
The Hunger Site
Relief Net
Hunger and Public Action
America's Second Harvest

The National Coalition for the Homeless' Online Library on Homelessness and Poverty
International Homeless Discussion List, Archives, and Weblinks
Poverty and Homelessness
Jay's Poverty and Homelessness Links
Homeless International

Domestic Violence
Battered Women and Their Children
Family Violence Page
Artemis: A Site for Survivors of Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Information Manual
Family Violence Prevention Fund

The Huey P. Newton Foundation
Malcolm X; a Research Site
National Black Radical Congress
The Multiracial Activist
The W.E.B. DuBois Virtual University
Afrikan Net
The Black World Today
Bobby Seale's Homepage
African American Holocaust
National Chicano Moratorium Committee
Raza News Service
Mexican American Sources on the Internet

ThryWoman's Irrational Rationalist Homepage
Cassandra Speaks

Energy Issues
Brain Food
The Coming Global Oil Crisis
The Hubbert Peak
Policy Pete

First Aid for Radicals and Activists
International Action Center
Jay's Leftist and Progressive Internet Resource Center
Tools for Organizers, Activists, Educators and other Hell-Raisers
The Co-intelligence Institute
Nonviolent Action Handbook
Human Needs not Corporate Greed
Committee of Concerned Scientists
The Center for Living Democracy
Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

Alternative Media and Publishers
Independent Media Center
Eat the State
AK Press
South End Press
Black Rose Books
Common Courage Press
Whole Earth Magazine
In These Times
The Nation
The Progressive
Report on the Americas
New Internationalist
Prison News Service
Recollection Used Books
Environmental Media Services

Free the Airwaves
A-infos Radio Project
Prometheus Radio Project

(non)Political Philosophy
Anarchist Archive
Spunk Library
Anarcho-Syndicalism 101
Anarchist Propaganda Archives
Anarchist FAQ
Institute for Anarchist Studies
The Participatory Economics Project
Anti-Authoritarian Encylclopedia
Libertarian Socialism

Direct Democracy
Direct Democracy Online
Committee for Direct Democracy

Articles on Consensus
Consensual Decision-Making
The Tyranny of Structurelessness
Concensus decision making
A Manual for Group Facilitators
A Manual for Group Facilitators, Chapter 1

Anarchist Activism
Black Cross Collective
Tao Site
Anarchist resources on the Internet
Mid-Atlantic Infoshop
Anarchy for Anybody
So many porcupines, so little time....
Liberty for the People
Libertarian Communist Homepage
Anarchist Federation
International of Anarchist Federations
The Platform of the International Anarchist Movement
The Resistance Page
The Worldwide Cooperative Anarchy Movement
Communist Anarchy
Spiritual Anarchy
A Libertarian Labyrinth
Anarchist Student Union
Insurgency; Anarchism in Chicago

Political Prisoners
Thought Bombs
The November Coalition
Amnesty International, U$
Amnesty International
Anarchist Black Cross Federation
Solidaritygroup Political Prisoners
Prison Activist Resource Center
Prison News Service
Prison Legal News
Refuse and Resist
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
The Mumia Site
The Jane Doe Society
Second Jane Doe Site
World Organization Against Torture
Survivors International

Global Struggles
Ya Basta
The Zapatistas:a rough guide
Accion Zapatista
Chiapas 95
Landless Workers Movement (MST) English
Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais sem Terra (MST) Portuguese
East Timor Action Network
Foundation for Human Rights in Guatemala
The African Women's Economic Policy Network
American Committee on Africa
Focus on the Global South
The Development GAP
Karnataka State Farmers' Association
Resource Center of the Americas
Global Issues
Global Exchange
Peoples Global Action
Human Rights Watch
American Friends Service Committee
International Center Home

Radical Labor
International Workers Association
IWA Unofficial Page
Workers Solidarity Movement
United Farm Workers of America
Campaign for Labor Rights
Corporate Watch
The Great Speckled Bird; list of strikes
Anarcho-Syndicalism 101
Ending Corporate Governance
General Strike
United Students Against Sweatshops

Indigenous Issues
Survival International
Freedom for Leonard Peltier
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
AIM Autonomous
Shundahai Network
Cultural Survival
Amazon Alliance
Indigenous Environmental Network
Indigenous Peoples' Project
Midwest Treaty Network
League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations

Environmental Activism
Rainforest Action Network
Mother Earth, the Activist Nexus
The ECO Page
Earth Island Institute
Center for Science in the Public Interest
International Rivers Network
The Political Ecology Group
Pesticide Action Network of North America
Environmental Research Foundation

Introduction to Permaculture
Permaculture Visions
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Sustainable Agriculture Network

Nature Awareness
Tom Brown's Tracking School

Food and Health
Corporate Agribusiness Research Project
Rachel's Weekly
Center for Food Safety
Keep Nature Natural
Citizens for Health
Northern Light Special Edition: Genetically Modified Foods
Center for Ethics & Toxics
Mothers for Natural Law
Aspartame Kills
Aspartame Toxicity Infocenter
True Food Network

Situationalists, Etc.
Bureau of Public Secrets
Songs of the March Hare
The Daily Bleed
Poetry in Revolt
Anarchist Poetry
The Watermelon Poet

Prose pieces which may aid in empowerment.

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