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"666 = 18 Number Computer bar code ?"


Profile  of the Anti-Christ

 1. Through deception,he will portray himself as a peacemaker.  (Read )Rev.6:2

  2. He will come up with a plan for a 7 year treaty with Israel and other middle east countries.As the          problems increase in the middle east,there will be an increased outcry from the world to have some kind of a peaceful solution.  (Read) Daniel 9:26-27

 3. He will Exalt himself above all gods. (Read)Daniel 11: 37 and Rev. 7:25

 4. He will not desire women .  (Read)Daniel 11:37 and Rom 1:21-32

 5. He will, after signing a 7 year treaty,break the treaty himself after 3 1/2  years and set himself up in the temple in Jerusalem as god to be worshiped as god.(That is the abomination that maketh desolate) (Read) Matthew 24:15

 6. He will cause everyone on the earth to recieve his mark. (666= combination of 18 computer bar code numbers ? (Read) Revelation 13:11-18   Let make a point>> "most carbon dating computers are programmed with Darwin's evolutionary theory as the base for their dating data.

 7. He will head up 10 nations (which looks like Europe) to bring all nations under his power. (Read Daniel 7:24

 8. He will be empowered by satan(Lucifer) himself.

  You may ask what can I do to keep this from happening?     The answer !!  Nothing!!

You may escape this terrible time on the Earth by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior

Now!!!  Then Read ( Revelation  3:7-11 )  and  1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18 and Chapter 5: 2-11 )

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